BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bugfix/36-utf8-in-flat-outputAdd calc_logical_string_length() public function.Kohei Yoshida3 months
bugfix/windows-buildFix windows build via cmakeKohei Yoshida7 weeks
feature/0.18.0-prepEdit the doc for import_named_expression interfaceKohei Yoshida20 hours
feature/146-font-asian-complexImport several font attributes for asian and complex scriptsKohei Yoshida7 weeks
feature/150-text-underline-widthRework importing of style:text-underline-width (#150)Kohei Yoshida6 weeks
feature/157-cell-propertiesMake wrap-text and shrink-to-fit optionalKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/159-cell-hidden-and-lockedProperly pick up cell protection propertiesKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/166-named-styles-to-columnsAdd test on Sheet2, and fix the incorrect column style importKohei Yoshida8 weeks
feature/168-merge-active-flagsMore on removal of pstring in favor of std::string_viewKohei Yoshida7 weeks
masterFix MSVC buildKohei Yoshida3 weeks
0.17.2orcus-0.17.2.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida12 months
0.17.1orcus-0.17.1.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida12 months
0.17.0orcus-0.17.0.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida13 months
0.16.1orcus-0.16.1.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida2 years
0.16.0orcus-0.16.0.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida2 years
0.15.4orcus-0.15.4.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida3 years
0.15.3orcus-0.15.3.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida3 years
0.15.2orcus-0.15.2.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida3 years
0.15.1orcus-0.15.1.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida3 years
0.15.0orcus-0.15.0.tar.gz  Kohei Yoshida3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-29Use commit tag 0.15.0 for ixion for the orcus-0.15 branch.0.15.4orcus-0.15Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Up the version number to 0.15.4.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Remove specification and schema files that we no longer use.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Update json_map_tree.cpphedmo
2019-10-09Fix make distcheck.0.15.3Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-09Up the version to 0.15.3.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08I think I'll just do a release next. Let's close the change log.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08Add this to CHANGELOG.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08Use the closest row group element as the anchor element.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08It's no longer necessary to track common range parent with data member.Kohei Yoshida