AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-14Fix MSVC buildHEADmasterKohei Yoshida
2022-11-14Fix build due to recent ixion API change relted to formula_tokenKohei Yoshida
2022-10-24Fix make check-valgrind-memcheckKohei Yoshida
2022-10-24Rework importing of style:text-underline-width (#150)feature/150-text-underline-widthKohei Yoshida
2022-10-20More on removal of pstring in favor of std::string_viewfeature/168-merge-active-flagsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-20Merge font_t and font_active_tKohei Yoshida
2022-10-20Merge fill_t and fill_active_tKohei Yoshida
2022-10-19border_t and border_attrs_t to use std::optionalKohei Yoshida
2022-10-18Merge protection_t and protection_active_tKohei Yoshida
2022-10-18Merge number_format_t and number_format_active_tKohei Yoshida
2022-10-17Import several font attributes for asian and complex scriptsfeature/146-font-asian-complexKohei Yoshida
2022-10-17Fix windows build via cmakebugfix/windows-buildKohei Yoshida
2022-10-16Add test on Sheet2, and fix the incorrect column style importfeature/166-named-styles-to-columnsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-16Check the cell formats on row 10 & fix cell style repetitionKohei Yoshida
2022-10-13Check on column FKohei Yoshida
2022-10-13Finish up on column C and check on column DKohei Yoshida
2022-10-12Make sure the "Gray With Lime" style has "Default" as its parentKohei Yoshida
2022-10-12Check the cell style of C1 which has "Gray With Lime" style appliedKohei Yoshida
2022-10-12Check the cell styles in columns B, E, G etc and fix an issue foundKohei Yoshida
2022-10-12set_column_format() to take the column span valueKohei Yoshida
2022-10-12set_column_width() and set_column_hidden() to take the column span paramKohei Yoshida
2022-10-11Properly handle table:number-columns-repeated attributeKohei Yoshida
2022-10-11Pick up the default cell styles for columns & test case for itKohei Yoshida
2022-10-11Modernize the code a bitKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Modify the test file to add a case for style spanning over multiple columnsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Now transfer_common() is finally unusedKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Have gnumeric_cell_context as a concrete member and child contextKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Add a test case for calling clear() and using the same pool afterwardKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Remove pstring and 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Make gnumeric_sheet_context a concrete data member and a child contextKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Make xlsx_autofilter_context as a concrete child of xlsx_table_contextKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Make xlsx_conditional_format_context a concrete child contextKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Let's use the 'ss' alias in lieu of 'spreadsheet' namespaceKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10These break statements have no effectsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Replace pstring with std::string_viewKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10Allow import_conditional_format interface pointer to be nullKohei Yoshida
2022-10-10xlsx_autofilter_context as a member child contextKohei Yoshida
2022-10-06Remove 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-10-06Use the alias 'ss' in lieu of 'spreadsheet'Kohei Yoshida
2022-10-06Let's use std::optional hereKohei Yoshida
2022-10-06Pick up column and row styles in xlsxKohei Yoshida
2022-10-06Update the test file to match that of the xls-xmlKohei Yoshida
2022-10-05Substitute 'spreadsheet::' with 'ss::' for consistencyKohei Yoshida
2022-10-05No more 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-10-05Pick up row format indices and make sure they are stored correctlyKohei Yoshida
2022-10-04Import column styles and make sure they are stored correctlyKohei Yoshida
2022-10-04Add another sheet that contains a column style spanning over three columnsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-04Remove 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-10-03Add skeleton set_column_format() and set_row_format() interface methodsKohei Yoshida
2022-10-03Update test files to include row-wise propertiesKohei Yoshida