AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-19No need for m_ prefix with struct members156-separate-import-shared-stringsKohei Yoshida
2022-05-19A bit more cleanupKohei Yoshida
2022-05-19Move some common types into the spreadsheet types headerKohei Yoshida
2022-05-19Remove unused code from shared_strings (#156)Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-19Rename original import_shared_strings to just shared_stringsKohei Yoshida
2022-05-19Create a truly import only import_shared_strings class, and ...Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-17Use forward declarationsKohei Yoshida
2022-05-17Actually we don't need these guards...Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-17Dump misc document properties155-debug-state-output-formatKohei Yoshida
2022-05-17Slightly better approach to universally handling enum to size_tKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16String with '-' also needs to be quotedKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump number format valuesKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump protection valuesKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Remove duplicatesKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dynamically determine whether the value should be quotedKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump strikethrough-style, -type, -width and -textKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump underline-width, -mode and -typeKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Correctly spell 'continuous'Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Rename dot_dot_dot_dash to dot_dot_dash.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump the underline style of font attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump border attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Explain what this template does.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump the rest of the cell format values.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Maintain consistency.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump horizontal and vertical alignment values.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Remove duplicated code for dumping cell format contents.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump unset value with '(unset)'.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Share ostream_format_guard because this is universally useful.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Tweaking the style dump output a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Dump cell format state.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Put the color values in quotes to make it a valid yaml.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Partially dump some styles stored in the document.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Use unique_ptr hereKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Put sheet_impl in detail namespace tooKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Rename debug_state_dumper to sheet_debug_state_dumperKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Put document_impl and its associated types inside detail namespace.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Move document_impl out into its own header and source.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16No m_ prefixes on struct members.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Use std::unique_ptr here.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Move this into a separate method.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Let's not use the m_ prefix on struct members.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Convert tabs to spaces in all cmake files.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Set up a debug state dumper and dumper cell values first.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Avoid using namespace boostKohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Make room for the debug-state output type.Kohei Yoshida
2022-05-16Fix error when compiling with clangTom Stellard
2022-05-11Replace pstring with std::string_view.Kohei Yoshida
2022-04-21Do not reference a temporary object.Kohei Yoshida
2022-04-21Fix typo.Kohei Yoshida
2022-03-31Set up a test for format detection on invalid input blobs.Kohei Yoshida