AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-03Add a test case for EUC-JP encoded XML filefeature/149-multiple-font-weight-levelsbugfix/154-xml-map-encoding-infoKohei Yoshida
2022-09-02Add some rudimentary test for parsing character set names to enumKohei Yoshida
2022-09-02Add preprocessing rules for slickedit symbol taggingKohei Yoshida
2022-09-02Regenerate the character_set_t member entriesKohei Yoshida
2022-09-02Pick up the 'encoding' attribute in XML declaration during XML mappingKohei Yoshida
2022-09-02Fix build issue on GentooKohei Yoshida
2022-09-01Mark these operators noexcept, now that we are changing the API versionKohei Yoshida
2022-08-31Remove the old test casesKohei Yoshida
2022-08-31Remove use of pstringKohei Yoshida
2022-08-31Add a test document of basic cases on number format importKohei Yoshida
2022-08-31Remove 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-31Pick up the style:data-style-name and record the corresponding ...feature/160-ods-number-format-stylesKohei Yoshida
2022-08-31<number:text> may occur under <number:text-style>Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Remove meaningless return statementKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Let's not forget to handle <number:text-style> tooKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Use stack printer for test cases and fix the test program linkageKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Handle <number:time-style> element scope, and remove number_format_contextKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Don't forget to define the validation rulesKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Handle <number:date-style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Handle <number:percentage-style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Handle <number:boolean-style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30create_child_context() and end_child_context() should have default versionsKohei Yoshida
2022-08-30Add validation rules to currency_style_contextKohei Yoshida
2022-08-29Handle <number:currency-style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-29Add validation rule set to number_style_contextKohei Yoshida
2022-08-28Set up an empty context for <number:currency-style> which will be nextKohei Yoshida
2022-08-28Handle <number:scientific-number>Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-28Handle <number:fraction>Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-28We don't really need to handle style:volatile attributeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-28Handle <style:map> below <number:number-style>Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-28import style interface no longer usedKohei Yoshida
2022-08-28Store number-format names to ids and ids to codes in session data storeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-27Handle <style:text-properties> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-27Handle <number:text> scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-27more files to ignoreKohei Yoshida
2022-08-27Add a context dedicated for <number:number-style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26These are now usedKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Internalize styles_map with styles_context with some access functionsKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Register child contexts with parent so that the parent can push out ...Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Call transfer_common() at the right timeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Move the odf-styles state dumping code into a separate functionKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Reduce the amount of static_cast to get the custom dataKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Remove m_ prefixes from struct membersKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Use std::make_unique<> over raw new operatorKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Remove m_ prefixes from struct'sKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26There is really no need for ods_content_xml_handler classKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Parse styles.xml stream in ods and pick up styles defined thereinKohei Yoshida
2022-08-26Extract the context for the <style:style> element scopeKohei Yoshida
2022-08-24Only recurse into src/python when BUILD_PYTHON is setstaging/mr-138matoro
2022-08-24fo:text-align may occur for families other than table-cellKohei Yoshida