AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-18Make the sig of parse_numeric() similar to that of parse_integer()bugfix/163-replace-strtolKohei Yoshida
2022-08-18Safeguard against some invalid input valuesKohei Yoshida
2022-08-17Replace pstring with std::string_view in common_test.cppKohei Yoshida
2022-08-17Change the signature of parse_integer to make it similar to that ...Kohei Yoshida
2022-08-17Set the new mdds baseline to 2.1 & try to fix gitlab-ci build failureKohei Yoshida
2022-08-17Use autoreconf over autoconfKohei Yoshida
2022-07-20fix for MinGWRosen Penev
2022-07-19Explicitly include <cstdint> header with GCC 13 (#162)Kohei Yoshida
2022-07-19Fix build issue with MSVCstaging/mr130bugfix/msvc-build-fixKohei Yoshida
2022-06-09Rename number_formatting_context to just number_format_contextKohei Yoshida
2022-06-09Let's use switch statement here in lieu of chained if statementsKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Rename number_formatting_code to odf_number_formatKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Remove m_styles as unusedKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Add view types148-import-styles-interfaceKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Add some content to the API docKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Remove the old interfaceKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Use import_cell_style in odf styles importKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Don't forget to ensure the xf interface existsKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Use import_cell_style in xlsxKohei Yoshida
2022-06-08Add import_cell_style sub-interface and use it in xls-xmlKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Clarify (for the n-th time) what this style-xf is used forKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Remove the old interface and fix a few more places I overlookedKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07No 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2022-06-07One more place that uses the old xf interfaceKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Use std::variant to replace unionKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Add debug symbol when debug-utils is enabledKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Let's have start_paragraph_properties() method just to be consistentKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Simplify the hor and ver alignment extraction function implementationsKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07More opportunity to use range-based for loops over for_eachKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Let's use insert_or_assign from C++17Kohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Use import_xf in odf styles importKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Use range-based for loop over for_each with function objectKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Prefer std::make_unique over reset & reduce indentation by early bailoutKohei Yoshida
2022-06-07Use import_xf in gnumericKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06Use import_xf in xls-xmlKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06Add import_xf sub-interface and use it in xlsxKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06Introduce xf_category_t and combine some of the interfacesKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06These are no longer usedKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06Remove the old interface for number format importKohei Yoshida
2022-06-06Use import_number_format on ods styles importKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use import_number_format in gnumericKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use import_number_format in xlsxKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Add import_number_format interface and use it in xls-xmlKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Remove the old interface methodsKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Add ENSURE_INTERFACE macro to remove repetitive interface checksKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use import_cell_protection in odf styles importKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use import_cell_protection in gnumericKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use range-based for loop in start_style()Kohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Use import_cell_protection in xlsxKohei Yoshida
2022-06-02Add import_cell_protection interface & impl and use it in xls-xmlKohei Yoshida