AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-02Re-generate ODF tokens based on v1.3 schema doc.feature/151-odf-v1.3Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Skip relaxNG namespace. This is only used in the schema doc.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02A little cleanupKohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Add the option of generating token summary output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Update the code to modern python and fix token generation.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-01Switch away from for_each() with function object.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30for_each to range for loop.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30Use namespace to group mapped values.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30for_each to range-based for loop.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30More on pstring to std::string_view conversion.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30pstring to std::string_view in xml_stream_handler.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-30Use std::unique_ptr to wrap the root context instance.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-23Set the next version to 0.17.1.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-23Fix CMake's check target.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-23Fix the cmake build.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-19Introduce style_attrs_t<T> to simplify some types a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Move this into a separate function like the other test groups.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Test for active flags on number format attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Simplify the number format test code.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Keep track of applied number format attributes and store that info.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Commit format code only when it's not empty. Otherwise use the default.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Use override keywords.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18pstring to std::string_view.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Avoid repeatedly instantiating the number format context object.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add active flags to number_format_t and store that in the backend.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Use to_bool().Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Class description.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add test cases for the rest of the protection styles.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Only pass specified protection attributes during parsing...Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Create a test file for cell-protection styles, and set up a test function.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Make the unexpected element error output more viewer friendly.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add class annotations.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add test code for border styles.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Keep track of active states of border attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Simplify the code a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Use value_type in lieu of std::make_pair(...).Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Commit each property group only when they exist.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add test cases for fill properties for the rest of the standard styles.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18When for RGB color values without A, set A to 255, not to 0.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add test cases for fill properties of "Note" style.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Make the background color optional.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18border_details -> border_details_t.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add fill_active_t and use it to keep track of active fill attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Switch from std::for_each to range-based for loop.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Early bail out on mp_styles being null.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Let's re-use xml_structure_error for this.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Handle table-cell-properties parsing in a separate method.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Add partial test case for the "Hyperlink" style properties.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Clean up and fix ODF's style:text-underline-style.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-18Switch odf_helper class to namespace odf & do some cleanup.Kohei Yoshida