AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-11Up the version to 0.11.2.orcus-0.11Kohei Yoshida
2016-05-11Make it buildable with mdds-1.2.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-11Up the version to Yoshida
2016-03-08distribute renamed files againDavid Tardon
2016-03-08add new tools to gitignoreDavid Tardon
2016-03-08Boost.Filesystem is needed uncoditionallyDavid Tardon
2016-03-07Get it to build on Windows.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-06Fix for OSX build inside LibreOffice.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-03Add API Version column.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-03Add download links to the 0.11.0 package.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-03Fix build on OSX.0.11.0Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-01Finally python tests pass under 'make distcheck'.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-01More fixing of make distcheck. Still test/python/ fails.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-01Try to get make distcheck to pass. Still with issues.Kohei Yoshida
2016-02-14hash container sel. has been removed in mdds 1.0David Tardon
2016-02-04Add new items in 0.11.0.Kohei Yoshida
2015-11-22Fix throw malformed_xml_errorMaks Naumov
2015-11-03Add a rudimentary test case for create_parse_error_output().Kohei Yoshida
2015-11-03Correctly compute line offset for one-liner stream.Kohei Yoshida
2015-11-03Fix JSON parser to properly handle empty objects and arrays.Kohei Yoshida
2015-11-03mdds 1.0.0 is officially out now & set the API version to 0.11.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-27More code annotation for doxygen.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-27Annotate json_config, to be picked up by doxygen.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-27Sync the example code.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-27More editing of JSON documentation.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-26Update the required ixion API version.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-21Another example code.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-21More on JSON documentation.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-20Redundant std:: namespacing.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-20More on JSON documentation.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-20keys should return an ordered key series when available.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Fix wrong syntax.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Add section about building documentation.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Add more code documentation.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Add JSON related classes.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Add empty section files.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Set up some basic documentation building stuff.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Move doc into misc/notes.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-13Rename some files to get them to show up on GitLab front page.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-13Add build instructions.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-12Move the zip archive test to the parser module.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-12support passing in the file content to orcusMarkus Mohrhard
2015-10-12Get this to compile with clang++ on OSX.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-12add test for zip_archive_stream_blobDavid Tardon
2015-10-12do not allow seeking past the endDavid Tardon
2015-10-12fix crash on loading ooo55043-1.odt, etc.Caolán McNamara
2015-10-09Show only partial line in case the line is too long to fix in screen.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-09Generate sensible output on malformed xml error.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-09sax::malformed_xml_error to be a child class of parse_error.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-08sax: sax::parser_base to be a child class of global parser_base.Kohei Yoshida