AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-21Add several new test files with pivot table data.orcus-0.12Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-21try to install ixion and build with spreadsheet modelMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-21call make check as wellMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-21autoconfirm the package install questionsMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-20Parse pivot cache information stored in workbook.xml.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-20New test xlsx file for pivot table import.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-20Allow passed-in CXXFLAGS to override -fvisibility=hiddenStephan Bergmann
2016-09-19somehow the ci infra tries to start fresh for the testsMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19-Wtautological-compare, compare against the 'other' parameterMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19install python3 in CIMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19try to be more resilient with downloading packagesMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19try to clone mdds for orcus buildsMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19we can't use the mdds packages from the distroMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19we need to use the old ABI for the CI buildsMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19the ubuntu documentation about mdds packaging is lackingMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-19install pkg-config and mddsMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-18Punctuation...Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18Add 0.12.1 packages to the download section.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18fix the boost install commandMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-18install all boost development packagesMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-18Add boost-filesystem package for CI.0.12.1Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18Update CHANGELOG etc.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18Remove version number from the boost dev package.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18Install more packages for the CI.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-18Load stream as binary stream.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-17Add initial CI supportMarkus Mohrhard
2016-09-16Python's xlsx API implicitly depends on the spreadsheet model.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-08It's element s, not x.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-08Improve the parsing of pivot table contents etc.Kohei Yoshida
2016-09-08Get the debug flag to work again.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-21Add download entries to 0.12.0 packages.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-20make distclean finally passes.0.12.0Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-20number-format.xml was missing.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-20Test all python tests to pass under 'make distcheck'.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-20Work toward getting 'make distcheck' to pass.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-20Update doc files.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-18Use data() here since we don't need a null-terminated string.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-18Handling of encoded unicode characters may fail.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-18Extra line.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-18Revise the function documentation a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2016-08-19add items to CHANGELOGMarkus Mohrhard
2016-08-19cid#169010, uninitialized membersMarkus Mohrhard
2016-08-19cid#169009, missing break in switchMarkus Mohrhard
2016-08-19remove unnecessary member variablesMarkus Mohrhard
2016-08-19create less temporary objects for unicode decodingMarkus Mohrhard
2016-08-18Add test for decoding a unicode stringJaskaran Singh
2016-08-18Add code for character reference in sax parser and re-enable testJaskaran Singh
2016-08-18add initial code for handling escaped unicode charactersMarkus Mohrhard
2016-07-26fix indentationMarkus Mohrhard
2016-07-26use the color attr parser instead of own functionMarkus Mohrhard