AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-03Be lenient on XML stream with leading whitespace.orcus-0.13Kohei Yoshida
2018-02-26Up the version to Yoshida
2018-02-21protect the self-closing xml element code against self-closing root elementsMarkus Mohrhard
2018-02-19xls-xml: Gracefully handle formula cells without cached results.Kohei Yoshida
2018-02-14Up the version to Yoshida
2018-02-13xls-xml: Import hidden row and column flags.Kohei Yoshida
2018-02-08xlsx: Remove carriage returns from multi-line strings.Kohei Yoshida
2018-02-08xls-xml: Pick up border colors.Kohei Yoshida
2018-02-07xlsx: Let's not forget to apply color for diagonal borders too.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-31We are supposed to use the foreground color for solid fill.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-31Alpha value of 0 means fully transparent. I'm sure 255 was intended.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-26Revert "fix automake warning"0.13.2Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-26Up the version to 0.13.2.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-25xls-xml: import cell borders.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-24xlsx: pick up diagonal borders.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-23xlsx: fix exception being thrown when diagonal element is encountered.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-23fix build failure in RawhideDavid Tardon
2018-01-23fix automake warningDavid Tardon
2018-01-13xls-xml: pick up text alignment properties.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-10xlsx: pick up justified and distributed alignment types as well.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-04xls-xml: alpha value must be 255 for being fully opaque.Kohei Yoshida
2018-01-04xls-xml: pick up solid fill colors.Kohei Yoshida
2017-12-30Pick up row height properties.Kohei Yoshida
2017-12-30Pick up column width properties.Kohei Yoshida
2017-11-27Silence an assert.Caolán McNamara
2017-11-15Update the changelog.0.13.1Kohei Yoshida
2017-11-15Fix 'make distcheck'Kohei Yoshida
2017-11-15Up the version to 0.13.1.Kohei Yoshida
2017-09-29Fixes #46. Use efficient way to set format ranges in spreadsheet modelMarkus Mohrhard
2017-09-07Reflect the latest patch from Miklos.Kohei Yoshida
2017-09-07css parser: handle single quotes for property valuesMiklos Vajna
2017-08-30Add class descriptions.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-30doc: add example for json array's push_back() method.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-29Add some class descriptions.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-29doc: add the rest of the code examples and annotate them.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-28doc: this flows better.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-28doc: add more examples.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-28doc: add more code snippets and narratives.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-26doc: edit and add some content.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-26doc: add more example code blocks.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-24Add these files to slickedit project.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-24doc: add another example code for direct json doc tree initialization.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23orcus-xml: rename read_content to read_stream.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23doc: update the CLI options.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23doc: update the class names here as well.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23doc: update the json example codes.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23Make the doc example code a part of the automatic test suite.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23Add more classes to the doc.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23Avoid decltype and use real type of nullptr.Kohei Yoshida
2017-08-23Fix the doc a bit.Kohei Yoshida