AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07orcus-0.14 requires mdds-1.4.orcus-0.14Kohei Yoshida
2018-11-07Prevent unsigned integer underflow.Kohei Yoshida
2018-10-03Remove unused VERSION file.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-14Add URL's to the 0.14.1 packages.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-14Up the version to 0.14.1, and fix configure error with werror enabled.0.14.1Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-14Update boost.m4 from Yoshida
2018-09-13Updated.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-13CID#191680: Wrapper object use after free (WRAPPER_ESCAPE)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-12CID 191672 (#1 of 1): Uninitialized scalar field (UNINIT_CTOR)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-12CID#191675: Not restoring ostream format (STREAM_FORMAT_STATE)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-12The name of the second column may be empty too.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-12CID#89231: Improper use of negative value (NEGATIVE_RETURNS)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-11CID#191681: Uninitialized scalar variable (UNINIT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-11CID#149339: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-11CID#149314: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-11CID#164674: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-11CID#149342: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#191671: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#191673: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#149337: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#89234: Uncaught exception (UNCAUGHT_EXCEPT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#89230: Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CID#54448: Uninitialized scalar field (UNINIT_CTOR)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10CI to use ixion-0.14 for now.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-10Missing header for std::tolower.Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-04CID 191674 (#1 of 1): Uninitialized scalar field (UNINIT_CTOR)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-04CID 191677 (#1 of 1): Uninitialized scalar field (UNINIT_CTOR)Kohei Yoshida
2018-09-04CID#191684: Side effect in assertion (ASSERT_SIDE_EFFECT)Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-290.14.0 is already out & talk about improved numeric precision.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-29No idea why I applied an extra indent on all lines...Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-29Reduce the number of numeric operations when converting points to twips.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-23Add URL's to the 0.14.0 packages.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-23Up the version to Yoshida
2018-08-22Fix 'make distcheck'.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-22Add a few items for the new release.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-22ixion 0.14.0 (API version 0.14) is released.Kohei Yoshida
2018-08-21mdds 1.4.0 is released.Kohei Yoshida
2018-07-23xlsx: Add a test case for #63.Kohei Yoshida
2018-07-23xlsx: Count the sheet and use its counter as sheet index.Kohei Yoshida
2018-07-23xlsx: Modernize it a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12Use nproc for ixion build.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12It now depends on the master branch of mdds.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12Use get_all_namespaces() method in the example code.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12get_all_namespaces() to return a vector.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12Add code example for stacked namespaces.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12Use unique_ptr for pimpl.Kohei Yoshida
2018-06-12Simple example on how to use xml namespace classes.Kohei Yoshida
2018-05-23Fix build with Boost 1.67Adam Majer
2018-04-13Wrong license header. This is supposed to be MPL.Kohei Yoshida
2018-04-13We don't really need to fully-qualify these types with orcus::spreadsheet.Kohei Yoshida