AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-29Use commit tag 0.15.0 for ixion for the orcus-0.15 branch.0.15.4orcus-0.15Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Up the version number to 0.15.4.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Remove specification and schema files that we no longer use.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-29Update json_map_tree.cpphedmo
2019-10-09Fix make distcheck.0.15.3Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-09Up the version to 0.15.3.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08I think I'll just do a release next. Let's close the change log.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08Add this to CHANGELOG.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08Use the closest row group element as the anchor element.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08It's no longer necessary to track common range parent with data member.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08mp_cur_range_ref is no longer necessary.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-08Pass the position to start_range(), and not pass it to the rest of the methods.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-07Delay the insertion of range field links until the commit_range() call.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-07Add a test case that currently fails to work properly.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-07Add this item.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-07Create a shared header for all test codes.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-06Add this test file to the list of automatic test cases.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-06xls-xml: correctly handle table offset position.Kohei Yoshida
2019-10-06New test file for xls-xml filter.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-290.15.2 is now released & adjust the category names.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Add links to the 0.15.2 packages.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Fix make distcheck.0.15.2Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Update CHANGELOG.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Let's test these named number formats for real.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Add more formats.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28No point having this entry since there would be no translation.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-28Convert named number format values to their respective codes.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-27Update the CHANGELOG for 0.15.2 items.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-27Comment the workaroundsStephan Bergmann
2019-08-26Add a TODO comment as a future action item.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26Work on picking up the number formats entries from xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26Set up a test case for xlsx import of number format strings.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26Add a first test case for importing number formats.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26Add method docs to clarify the roles of these methods.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26The conditions between can_handle_element() and create_child_context() ...Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26text/xml is also a valid mime type for XML documents.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26Add test files for importing number format entries.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26xls-xml: pick up number format entries during import.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Fix build with gcc5.orbea
2019-08-23Probably this should be a top-level item, not a child of orcus-xml.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Up the version to 0.15.2.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Add Stephan's bit.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Blind fix attempt for older macOS buildsStephan Bergmann
2019-08-23Add this bug fix to CHANGELOG.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Add a test case for this.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-23Correctly identify the anchor element of a linked node.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-21Add links to the 0.15.1 packages.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-21Add method doc to fill_down_cells().0.15.1Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-20Finish up CHANGELOG for the upcoming 0.15.1 release.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-20linkable is a struct, not a class.Kohei Yoshida