AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-19Destructors shouldn't throw. Let's use assert() here.orcus-0.3Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-18Test parsing encoded character immediately followed by ';'.Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-18Make it easier to run callgrind.Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-18A ';' after an encoded character can happen and is still valid.Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-16coverity: uninitialized member(s)David Tardon
2012-12-16coverity: uninitialized member(s)David Tardon
2012-12-16coverity: uninitialized member(s)David Tardon
2012-12-16coverity: uninitialized memberDavid Tardon
2012-12-16coverity: catch all exceptionsDavid Tardon
2012-12-16coverity: catch all exceptionsDavid Tardon
2012-12-13Add Visual Studio 2010 solution files alongside 2008 ones.Fridrich Štrba
2012-11-28xlsx: import cell protection attributesMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-28make dist to package tar.bz2 as well.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-27Remove execution bits from these files too.0.3.0Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-27Remove the execution bit.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-27add the new source files to vsproj filesMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-27gnumeric: we need to commit and set style entriesMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-27gnumeric: import cell hidden and cell locked attributesMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-27cell protection supportMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-27support cell color in gnumeric importMarkus Mohrhard
2012-11-27Remove MSVC warnings. It doesn't like implicit int to bool conversion.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-27More editing of MSVS project files.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-26Fix coding style and indentation.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-26This won't build without ORCUS_DEBUG_XML_NAMESPACE set to 1.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-26Add gnumeric files to static-nozip MSVS project.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-26Update MSVS project file for liborcus-static-nozip.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-26Fixed 'make dist'.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Add a means to obtain the short version of an xml namespace name from the wal...Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Quote all string values in the "dump check" format.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Header label should only the short version of xml namespace name.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Be sure to intern the namespace alias strings in xml map tree.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Print aliases in the context for debugging.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21More debug statements.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Let's have xml_map_tree to take the ns repo, and keep its context internal.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21More debug statement.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Add method to get xmlns identififer from its numerical index.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Add get_xmlns_index() method to the tree walker.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-21Add another test case to test namespaced linked attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Intentionally change the namespace aliases in the map file.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20New test case for namespaced xml content for round-tripping.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Set the namespace alias on field-linked elements as well.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Let's not forget to intern these namespace alias strings.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Store in the map tree the actual namespace aliases used in the content stream.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20More targetted namespace trimming scheme.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Let's not use this in_parse flag. I find it a bit hacky.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Don't forget to call parse()!Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Correctly keep track of unlinked element stack while traversing the map tree.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Rename xml_attr_t to xml_token_attr_t.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20More debugging and assertions.Kohei Yoshida
2012-11-20Added new test for traversing a xml map tree. This currently fails.Kohei Yoshida