AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-21Version Yoshida
2014-05-21Another build fix.Tomáš Chvátal
2014-05-21Fix build breakage due to mdds version.Tomáš Chvátal
2014-05-21Fix linking.Tomáš Chvátal
2014-05-21Add ppc64le and aarch64.Tomáš Chvátal
2013-04-16Fix memory leak in orcus-gnumeric.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-16Fix memory leak.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-12Up the version to 0.5.1 since I need to release a newer version.0.5.1Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-12Add BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB compiler macro.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-12Don't forget to list this windows only header file.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11Let's not include these manual test files. They'd make the package too big.0.5.0Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11make dist was still broken. Hopefully fixed it this time.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11Rename package name from orcus to liborcus.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11Up the version number, with a new API version.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11Fix 'make dist'.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-11Update Visual Studio solution.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10I forgot to add these files.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10Pick up and set the "origin date" aka epoch during ods import.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10I'll convert date values into string values for now.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10Found and fixed a bug in to_date_time. Added another test.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10Run the test for real, which fails miserably...Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10Add framework for common test in liborcus.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-10License header.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-09Add set_date to the sheet import interface. ODS needs this.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-09Add finalize() to the import_factory and call it at the end of import.Kohei Yoshida
2013-04-09Check whether the client code supports style import.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-25These forward declarations are no longer needed.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Open file stream in binary mode, else zip archive fails on Windows.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Fix project dependency for orcus-xml.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Add liborcus-static project to Visual Studio Solution.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Get liborcus to build in Visual Studio 2008.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Some re-organization...Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Hide global constant values.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Remove the libzip dependency bits from vs project files.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Update the copyright years.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Don't take a reference from for_each.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Add new test for xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-24Don't call characters() unless we are in xml hierarchy.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-23Add new test xlsx file that currently crashes orcus-xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-23Remove the libzip bits. Now orcus no longer depends on libzip.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-23Switch orcus::opc_reader from libzip to using zip_archive.Kohei Yoshida
2013-03-21fix some linking errors on windowsMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21license headerMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21liborcus project compiles again with visual studioMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21use environment variables also for libzipMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21get the parser projects working againMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21visual studio before 2010 does not support stdint.hMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21MSVC does not know fseeko and ftelloMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-21fix liborcus-parser* on windowsMarkus Mohrhard
2013-03-17A bit more cleaning.Kohei Yoshida