AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-24Up the version to Yoshida
2015-02-24main dosn't belong here.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-24Fix test_data.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-21coverity#54426 missing break in switch statementMarkus Mohrhard
2015-02-21Fixed link errors when building on Ubuntu 14.04.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-21Adjust for API change in libixion-0.10.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-21add compile to .gitignoreDavid Tardon
2015-02-21update boost.m4David Tardon
2015-02-21Add more file extensions to ignore.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-21orcus now requires libixion-0.10.Kohei Yoshida
2015-02-21Fix build with boost 1.56Dmitry Roshchin
2015-02-21fix invalid memory access in base64 functionsMarkus Mohrhard
2015-02-21add support for ppc64leDavid Tardon
2015-02-21add build support for aarch64David Tardon
2013-12-14Update the Visual Studio solution files & get it to build with MSVC.0.7.0Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13Make sure the stream instance is alive during the test.Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13Typo. It needs to be _LIBS, not _LIB.Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13Add missing header.Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13We need to include iostream header here.Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13Updated extra file list.Kohei Yoshida
2013-12-13We don't need this anymore. We use 'make dist' these days.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-14Some work toward importing number formats from xlsx. Still WIP.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-06Define auto filter interface, and use it to import auto filter data.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-05We don't use this any more.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-05Use different interface for importing data tables.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-02Started parsing the autoFilter data. Not finished yet.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-02A little cleanup.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-02Remove old debug outputs.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-02New xlsx test file for importing autofilters.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-02Move set_data_table() interface to import_sheet.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-01Fix the one-var data tables.Kohei Yoshida
2013-11-01Add test xlsx file for importing single-variable data tables.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-31Parse and import data tables from xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-31Add xlsx test file for importing 2-variable data table.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-27Add output format type 'none' which disables writing output files.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-27Let's use 'middle' instead of 'center' for vertical alignment.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-27Import 'top', 'center', 'bottom' vertical alignment from xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-27Fix syntax error.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-25Import horizontal text alignments from xlsx and use them in html output.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-24Prevent potential memory leak.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-24Skip cells that are overlapped by merged cells in html output.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-22Get 'make check' buildable again.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21Map merge cell info to html's colspan and rowspan.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21Import merged cell ranges from xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21Test file for importing standard colors from xlsx.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21Output background colors in html output.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21The color attribute can occur under 'mruColors' element.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-21This actually breaks cells that don't have borders all around them.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-15Handle shared formula cells correctly when dumping.Kohei Yoshida
2013-10-15Move this to a separate method.Kohei Yoshida