AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-09Set the next 0.9 release to Yoshida
2015-06-08correctly implement assignment of CSS propertiesDavid Tardon
2015-06-07Fix wrapper scripts.Kohei Yoshida
2015-06-05disable opt. in debug buildDavid Tardon
2015-06-04these functions are implemented in liborcusDavid Tardon
2015-06-03__ORCUS_BUILDING_DLL is set conditionallyDavid Tardon
2015-06-03mark more symbols as publicDavid Tardon
2015-06-02fix dllexport declsDavid Tardon
2015-05-17Add heading for older releases.Kohei Yoshida
2015-05-17Better formatting.Kohei Yoshida
2015-05-17Add 0.9.1 to the download section.Kohei Yoshida
2015-05-17Up the version to Yoshida
2015-05-04do not let main() throwDavid Tardon
2015-05-01Here too.Kohei Yoshida
2015-05-01Define these macros to please MSVC.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-30These zip related classes are now in orcus-parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-26Remove MDDS_CFLAGS from; it is now defined in Yoshida
2015-04-26we need MDDS_CFLAGS as well in the CXXFLAGSMarkus Mohrhard
2015-04-26cell_buffer is now in the orcus-parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-23Add mdds cflags for the parser for use of mdds/sorted_string_map.hpp.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-18Add download URL to 0.9.0.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-18These test files are not in the repository.0.9.0Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-18Fix all to get 'make distcheck' to pass.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-11Write test for sax_token_parser's handling of raw element names.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-10Rename to sax_token_handler_wrapper_base.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-10No need to keep reference to ns_cxt in the token parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-10Remove the _Token template parameter and move some stuff out of template.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09Set up test framework for sax_token_parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09Move tokens.cpp in the slickedit project file.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09use c++11 for orcusMarkus Mohrhard
2015-04-09Now all sax parser family belongs to orcus-parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09Move tokens.cpp from liborcus to parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09These belong to orcus-parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-09Store raw element/attribute string pointer along with the token.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-08It's <?... ?> not <?... >Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-07Annotate the skeleton handler for sax_token_parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-07Annotate the sax skeleton handler methods.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-07Add skeleton handler for sax_ns_parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-07Add Download section to README.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-06Add skeleton handler for sax_token_parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-06Take these example handlers out of orcus namespace.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-06Add skeleton handler for sax_parser.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-04Add a csv_parser handler skeleton too (and a test for it).Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-04Add css_parser handler skeleton code to copy from.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Update AUTHORS.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Mention about the low-level parsers.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Add markup.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Rename README to add .md extension.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Disable debug statements.Kohei Yoshida
2015-04-02Add test case for HSLA value & fix a related bug.Kohei Yoshida