AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-25Update the method doc wrt valid stream check.sax-parser-value-checkKohei Yoshida
2022-03-25forcepoint#88 assigned temp std::string return to string_viewCaolán McNamara
2022-03-24Add valgrind-memcheck to the mix.Kohei Yoshida
2022-03-24New invalid test file.Kohei Yoshida
2022-03-24Set up a test framework for parsing invalid XML docs.Kohei Yoshida
2022-03-24forcepoint#87 Assertion `mp_char <= mp_end' failedCaolán McNamara
2022-03-24forcepoint#84 Invalid read of size 1Caolán McNamara
2022-03-24forcepoint#83 Invalid read of size 1Caolán McNamara
2022-03-23Use ax_valgrind_check to enable running tests under valgrind.Kohei Yoshida
2022-03-23Update the required ixion API version.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-15Set the next version to Yoshida
2021-12-14Add to CHANGELOG.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-14style:cell-protect="none" means explicitly not protected.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-10Mention coverity issues and compiler warnings.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-10Add items for Yoshida
2021-12-10Fix make distcheck.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-08Add a test case for ignore invalid sub structure.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-08Print short name in case an alias is not available.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-08Introduce ORCUS_ODS_USE_THREADS env var to toggle threaded parsing.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Print ':' only when the namespace is not empty.feature/138-xml-misplaced-elementsKohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Add even more rules.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Add a whole bunch more rules.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Define rules for <ss:Data> context.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Move up child element evaluation to the xml_context_base.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07No need to check XML structure in start_element(), now that it ...Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07More descriptive validation results.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Move evaluate_child_element() above create_child_context().Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07Extract the element printing logic and re-use it in xml_stream_handler.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07No reason why we wouldn't set it to all contexts on the stack.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-07This shouldn't be necessary since the ns cxt gets passed ...Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06Add some TODO items.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06Now we can have xml_stream_handler create an invalid context directly.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06Pass session_cxt and tokens to xml_stream_handler too.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06Add more valid rules.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06<ss:Cell> to <ss:Data> is allowed.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06print_element() to always print <>.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-06Tidy up the element structure validation rules.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03Print warning when an invalid element is encountered.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03Evaluate child element's validity ahead of time and make use of ...Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03get_current_element() to not throw.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03We don't need non-const get_current_element() and get_parent_element().Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03Add method docs.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03Add xml_empty_context to use it to ignore XML sub structures.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-03Remove all traces of can_handle_element() virtual methods.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Remove can_handle_element() virtual method.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Re-generate ODF tokens based on v1.3 schema doc.feature/151-odf-v1.3Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Skip relaxNG namespace. This is only used in the schema doc.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02A little cleanupKohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Add the option of generating token summary output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Update the code to modern python and fix token generation.Kohei Yoshida