AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-03std::get<T>(...) may be flaky with some version of clang.staging/libreoffice-buildKohei Yoshida
2021-11-03Try using boost::filesystem instead of std::filesystem.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-03Unused variables.Kohei Yoshida
2021-11-02Remove unused parameter warnings.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-29Update CHANGELOG.0.17.0Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-28Set the version to 0.17.0.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-28Fix cmake build for 'check' target.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27We don't need TEST_BINS either.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Fix make distcheck.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Convert spaces to tabs for makefile.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Replace the rest of boost::optional with std::optional.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Replace boost::optional with std::optional.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Add test case for utf-8 value parsing & implement move assignment.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Use std::unique_ptr for css_document_tree's pimpl, and simplify ...Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Use boost::filesystem::path to handle file paths.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-27Replace pstring with std::string_view and remove 'using namespace std'Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Retire clip() in favor of std::clamp().Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Use std::isdigit().Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Avoid shadowing of 'max_size'.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Remove is_name_char(). Is has limited usefulness.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Revise css property value parsing to allow valid utf-8 strings.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26css::parser_base::identifier() to take std::string_view.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Use std::isalpha() for alpha-numeric character test.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Fix header includes to use <> for orcus public headers.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26Remove write_to(). This is not all that useful.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-26is_in() to take std::string_view.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-25Remove unnecessary check for the first char of a name.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-25Rename non-ascii -> utf8-1.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-25Quote key strings in presence of '#' or ': '.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-25Build fix for VS 2017.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-22Use literalinclude instead of copy-n-paste the code block.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-22Add YAML option to the doc.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Add yaml option to the help output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Update slickedit project.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21I forgot to add this file...Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Add more yaml output controls.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Turn test_global.cpp into a static lib and reference it as a lib.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Set up a framework to test json doc tree against yaml output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Use boost::filesystem instead of string to handle file paths.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Remove using namespace std.feature/14-add-yaml-output-to-jsonKohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Don't start with a line break at root scope.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Re-use the "bullet" line in case the parent is an array.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Put string value in quotes if it contains '#'.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Dump all json value types in yaml output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-21Set up 'yaml' output type for orcus-json with minimal dump function.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-20Only remove the binaries, not the .run script files.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-13Set the doc version to 0.17.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-13Use literalinclude for the JSON code examples.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-13Use literalinclude for the rest of the section.Kohei Yoshida
2021-10-13Use literalinclude for the shared strings code examples.Kohei Yoshida