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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-01Switch away from for_each() with function object.Kohei Yoshida
2021-01-08Write a script to parse and convert program-options' help output ...Kohei Yoshida
2020-09-03Add script to generate release note template.0.16.0Kohei Yoshida
2020-08-13Make it so that if a file path is not given, it starts the ...Kohei Yoshida
2020-08-06Move the file to its new location.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Add code to aggregate all formula data into a single file.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Add a new processor module to extract formula expression data.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Adjust to orcus.Cell objects & user processor module.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-14Support valgrind as run-mode.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-13Handle attribute without namespace correctly.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-20Print ratios only when the total > 0.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-20Correctly handle file names with spaces in them.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-19Prevent exception here.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-18Add option to display some simple stats of the results.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-18Add option to remove result files from a directory tree.Kohei Yoshida
2019-12-18Fix to correctly pass arguments to executable.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-22Add a mechanism to parse and display the results of processed files.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-22Capture and cache the results of file processing.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-20Add file count to its output.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-15Display the exception name.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-15Catch exception and keep going.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-14Load the document and dump its content.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-14Use std::unique_ptr to manage stream PyObject instances.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-14Add orcus.detect_format python function & use it from Yoshida
2019-11-14Recursively traverse files from a root directory.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-13Annotate the code a bit.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-12Use thread pool to speed up the fetching of the attachments.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-12Abstract away the bugzilla URL, and add --limit parameter.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-12Manage to download the attachments for real.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-11Start a script that uses TDF's bugzilla API to get a list of bug ID's.Kohei Yoshida
2019-11-11Remove now pointless wrapper scripts.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-26text/xml is also a valid mime type for XML documents.Kohei Yoshida
2019-08-13Really kill orcus-xml-dump.Kohei Yoshida
2019-06-22Expected output file should be named check.txt.Kohei Yoshida
2019-06-22Generate expected outputs.Kohei Yoshida
2017-07-05cmake: build the core part of liborcus.Kohei Yoshida
2017-06-08Add a script to unpack and beautify all zipped XML files.Kohei Yoshida
2016-06-22Actually start parsing.Kohei Yoshida
2016-05-17Set up a skeleton framework for the new threaded json parser code.Kohei Yoshida
2016-03-25Add gdb mode to allow debugging with gdb.Kohei Yoshida
2015-11-03Add a rudimentary test case for create_parse_error_output().Kohei Yoshida
2015-09-30python: add skeleton orcus.json module.Kohei Yoshida
2015-09-14Add wrappers for orcus-json and orcus-yaml.Kohei Yoshida
2015-09-14Add lldb as an option. lldb is the debugger to use on OSX.Kohei Yoshida
2015-09-14Get to run on OSX.Kohei Yoshida
2015-09-14yaml: set up the very first test.Kohei Yoshida
2015-08-23Make sure we don't use singular iterator here.Kohei Yoshida
2015-08-22Fix incorrectly exported symbol for the python module.Kohei Yoshida
2015-07-24Support debug commands for the test binaries.Kohei Yoshida
2015-07-10More reorganization of all available tests.Kohei Yoshida