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2021-12-02Skip relaxNG namespace. This is only used in the schema doc.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02A little cleanupKohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Add the option of generating token summary output.Kohei Yoshida
2021-12-02Update the code to modern python and fix token generation.Kohei Yoshida
2020-04-28Move this file to the orcus/ml-engine repo.Kohei Yoshida
2020-04-27Get these processor modules to work properly again after the relocation.Kohei Yoshida
2020-04-27Move the file processor code into proper orcus module tree.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-27Remove things that are no longer useful.Kohei Yoshida
2020-03-27Remove specification and schema files.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-06Make sure to escape all strings that may potentially contain special chars.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-06Fix the handling of formula cells with error.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-06Write xml output by hand.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-05Change the name of the special name to include the source file name.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-05Turn off token data generation.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-05Stringify the tokens before shoving them to the dom.Kohei Yoshida
2020-02-05Directly write xml output files as we process the document files.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31Leave UTF-8 strings alone.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31Let's always output in XML. JSON is harder to read for this type of data.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31Make XML pretty print optional.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31Make token data output optional.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31I need to know which batch is being processed at any given moment.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-31Flush the batch each time to reduce memory use.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-30Use FormulaToken in named expressions and output them.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-30Extract formula token types.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-30Handle formulas with error properly when extracting formulas.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-29Use the skip error policy when mass-processing files.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-24Update this constant variable name.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-17Add a batch mode to split the output into a set of more manageable size outputs.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Add sheet and formula counts to the output tree as attributes.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Support xml output option.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Add code to aggregate all formula data into a single file.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Add a new processor module to extract formula expression data.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Adjust to orcus.Cell objects & user processor module.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-16Move the XML token related files into their own directory.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-08Allow extra tokens to be added to the list.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-08Turns out I don't make use of schema types.Kohei Yoshida
2020-01-08Update this python code to today's standard, in full on Python 3.Kohei Yoshida
2017-03-16xls-xml: add missing tokens and re-generate token values.Kohei Yoshida
2016-07-25use nullptr everywhere and remove use of NULLMarkus Mohrhard
2016-05-25Sorted string map is no longer in orcus. It's in mdds now.Kohei Yoshida
2015-10-16Move doc into misc/notes.Kohei Yoshida
2014-06-13Use sorted_string_map here. This makes ods import slightly faster.Kohei Yoshida
2014-06-12Add sorted_string_map template class for fast string to integer mapping.Kohei Yoshida
2013-06-16Generate token files for Excel XML format.Kohei Yoshida
2013-06-16Add namespace parsing mode.Kohei Yoshida
2013-06-16Re-organize the python token generator scripts.Kohei Yoshida
2013-06-16General-purpose XML Schema key dumper.Kohei Yoshida
2013-06-16Move these token generator python scripts from bin to misc.Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-17Removed all traces of xmlns_token_t. We won't be needing this anymore.Kohei Yoshida
2012-12-17Update token generator script to auto-generate ODF namespace values.Kohei Yoshida