BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
148-import-styles-interfaceAdd view typesKohei Yoshida18 months
155-debug-state-output-formatDump misc document propertiesKohei Yoshida18 months
156-separate-import-shared-stringsNo need for m_ prefix with struct membersKohei Yoshida18 months
bugfix/144-orcus-env-dumpRemove ORCUS_ASCII and with it the global.hpp header file tooKohei Yoshida15 months
bugfix/154-xml-map-encoding-infoAdd a test case for EUC-JP encoded XML fileKohei Yoshida15 months
bugfix/163-replace-strtolMake the sig of parse_numeric() similar to that of parse_integer()Kohei Yoshida15 months
bugfix/185-column-styles-offsetUse a common header to manage filesystem header includesKohei Yoshida3 months
bugfix/194-invalid-memoryEnsure the file contents stay alive inside dump_xml_structure()Kohei Yoshida4 weeks
bugfix/195-orcus-xls-xml-crashesBetter warning message that includes the current style idKohei Yoshida4 weeks
bugfix/195-test-caseAdd a test case for #195Kohei Yoshida4 weeks
bugfix/197-temp-output-removalfix a typoKohei Yoshida3 weeks
bugfix/36-utf8-in-flat-outputAdd calc_logical_string_length() public function.Kohei Yoshida14 months
bugfix/build-without-modelFix build with -Werror=unused-parameter and --disable-spreadsheet-modelKohei Yoshida5 weeks
bugfix/crash-on-resolverCheck for null resolver before dereferencing itKohei Yoshida4 weeks
bugfix/msvc-build-fixFix build issue with MSVCKohei Yoshida16 months
bugfix/windows-buildFix windows build via cmakeKohei Yoshida13 months
feature/0.18.0-prepTake std::ostream& as an output parameterKohei Yoshida11 months
feature/138-xml-misplaced-elementsPrint ':' only when the namespace is not empty.Kohei Yoshida24 months
feature/14-add-yaml-output-to-jsonRemove using namespace std.Kohei Yoshida2 years
feature/146-font-asian-complexImport several font attributes for asian and complex scriptsKohei Yoshida13 months
feature/149-multiple-font-weight-levelsAdd a test case for EUC-JP encoded XML fileKohei Yoshida15 months
feature/150-text-underline-widthRework importing of style:text-underline-width (#150)Kohei Yoshida13 months
feature/151-odf-v1.3Re-generate ODF tokens based on v1.3 schema doc.Kohei Yoshida24 months
feature/157-cell-propertiesMake wrap-text and shrink-to-fit optionalKohei Yoshida15 months
feature/158-add-more-comprehensive-set-of-test-files-for-gnumericUse the 'ss' alias across the boardKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/159-cell-hidden-and-lockedProperly pick up cell protection propertiesKohei Yoshida15 months
feature/160-ods-number-format-stylesPick up the style:data-style-name and record the corresponding ...Kohei Yoshida15 months
feature/166-named-styles-to-columnsAdd test on Sheet2, and fix the incorrect column style importKohei Yoshida13 months
feature/167-arrow-parquet-deep-diveAdd ORCUS_WITH_PARQUET option to conditionalize parquet filter supportKohei Yoshida6 months
feature/168-merge-active-flagsMore on removal of pstring in favor of std::string_viewKohei Yoshida13 months
feature/177-add-support-for-loading-in-memory-parquet-streamSet the version to 0.18.99 (pre 0.19.0)Kohei Yoshida5 months
feature/178-parquet-on-windowsnative() returns std::basic_string<wchar_t> on windows which will not compileKohei Yoshida6 months
feature/179-parquet-more-testsFix some linting issuesKohei Yoshida5 months
feature/186-gnumeric-number-formatsAdd test case for number format importKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/188-font-names-sizes-excel-formatsAdd a test case for formatted string import for xlsxKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/188-gnumeric-fond-name-size-segmentsPick up font names and sizes in formatted stringsKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/190-refactor-xlsx-styles-importMap number format IDs for xf entriesKohei Yoshida3 months
feature/191-import-filter-apiImplement create_filter() and its test casesKohei Yoshida8 weeks
feature/gnumeric-colored-text-mixedGnumeric *does* support colored format segmentsKohei Yoshida3 months
gitlab-ci-testfixKohei Yoshida20 months
masterUpdate readthedocs build configurationKohei Yoshida12 days
orcus-0.11Up the version to 0.11.2.Kohei Yoshida8 years
orcus-0.12Add several new test files with pivot table data.Kohei Yoshida7 years
orcus-0.13Be lenient on XML stream with leading whitespace.Kohei Yoshida6 years
orcus-0.14orcus-0.14 requires mdds-1.4.Kohei Yoshida5 years
orcus-0.15Use commit tag 0.15.0 for ixion for the orcus-0.15 branch.Kohei Yoshida4 years
orcus-0.3Destructors shouldn't throw. Let's use assert() here.Kohei Yoshida11 years
orcus-0.5Version 0.5.2.Kohei Yoshida10 years
orcus-0.7Up the version to 0.7.1.Kohei Yoshida9 years
orcus-0.9Set the next 0.9 release to 0.9.2.Kohei Yoshida8 years
sax-parser-value-checkUpdate the method doc wrt valid stream check.Kohei Yoshida20 months
staging/0.19.0-prepFix make distcheckKohei Yoshida2 months
staging/0.19.2-prepFix make distcheckKohei Yoshida4 weeks
staging/filesystem-patchUse a common header to manage filesystem header includesKohei Yoshida3 months
staging/libreoffice-buildstd::get<T>(...) may be flaky with some version of clang.Kohei Yoshida2 years
staging/mr-138Only recurse into src/python when BUILD_PYTHON is setmatoro15 months
staging/mr130Fix build issue with MSVCKohei Yoshida16 months
staging/orcus-0.19.1Add highlights for 0.19.1Kohei Yoshida6 weeks
staging/post-0.19.0-buildFix build issue with MSVCKohei Yoshida2 months
staging/post-0.19.0-fixMake sure to set the grammar before loading the contentKohei Yoshida2 months
table-styleuse c++11 for orcusMarkus Mohrhard9 years
table-stylescorrectly create the table styles contextMarkus Mohrhard9 years
task/193-format-detection-testUse fs::path to handle file pathsKohei Yoshida6 weeks
task/adjust-sorted-string-mapRemove ORCUS_ASCII and with it the global.hpp header file tooKohei Yoshida15 months
task/api-cleanupUse std::unique_ptr instead of raw pointerKohei Yoshida15 months
task/pstring-cleanupReplace pstring with std::string_view & remove pstring classKohei Yoshida3 months