AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
62 min.tdf#135316 docx open performanceHEADmasterNoel Grandin
70 min.tdf#38187 Create back link from footnote text to anchor in textGeorgy Litvinov
71 min.tdf#59323: pptx export: slide footers roundtrip unit testSarper Akdemir
73 min.tdf#59323: pptx export: add support for slide footersSarper Akdemir
75 min.both children are at position 0Caolán McNamara
76 min.gtk4: reenable some more working dialogsCaolán McNamara
76 min.tdf#59323: pptx export: add initial support for lstStyles in textboxesSarper Akdemir
76 min.set default width/height of minimum for dialogCaolán McNamara
77 min.resave with latest gladeCaolán McNamara
77 min.gtk 4.3.2 will have a fix for thisCaolán McNamara
81 min.tdf#59323: pptx export: add placeholder index to master footer placeholdersSarper Akdemir
92 min.Add Active App Name Field To Crash ReportGopi Krishna Menon
96 min.tdf#103388 Show the backtick used in shortcut in Calc View menuGabor Kelemen
103 min.tdf#59323: pptx export: add datetime field type helpersSarper Akdemir
105 min.tdf#59323: pptx import: import footer fields as propertiesSarper Akdemir
4 hourssw HTML export: allow larger bitmaps for shapes than the vcl defaultMiklos Vajna
6 hoursbasegfx: use namespace for "ftools", make sure input is FP numberTomaž Vajngerl
6 hoursvcl: check mpWindowImpl for nullptrGabriel Masei
6 hoursgtk4: use xalign to position replacement boxCaolán McNamara
6 hoursgtk4: use image-position to position elements within replacement boxCaolán McNamara
6 hoursreplace deprecated GtkButtonBoxCaolán McNamara
6 hoursresave with latest gladeCaolán McNamara
7 hourssw: rework to avoid DECLARE_SW_IMPORT_TEST() in CppunitTest_sw_htmlimportMiklos Vajna
8 hoursAdd MapMode cppunit test to vcl.panoskorovesis
8 hoursAdd MoveClipRegion cppunit test to vclpanoskorovesis
9 hoursPartially resolves tdf#141869: Rephrase of strings in the Cross-Reference dia...Eyal Rozenberg
18 hourstdf#142860: fix crash: press Page Columns Button on Tab UIJulien Nabet
19 hoursAdapt to flatpak-builder 1.0.14 split "dest" + "dest-filename"Stephan Bergmann
19 hoursuitest: sc: use guarded wrapper in testXisco Fauli
19 hourstidy up .uiCaolán McNamara
19 hoursmove unique use of primary-icon-tooltip-text to tooltip-textCaolán McNamara
20 hoursmemcpy-param-overlapStephan Bergmann
20 hoursUpdate TSCP config for pt-BROlivier Hallot
21 hoursfix some 32-bit compile errorsNoel Grandin
22 hourstdf#142361 export: prevent shadow to rotate with shapeRegina Henschel
22 hoursgtk4: use GtkPicture for view, user interfaceCaolán McNamara
22 hoursgtk4: support moving children in and out of GtkGridCaolán McNamara
22 hoursgtk4: double-encode ampersand if use-underline is usedCaolán McNamara
22 hoursgtk4: don't convert generated button image-childCaolán McNamara
23 hoursgtk4: further disambiguation of Image/PictureCaolán McNamara
23 hoursgtk4: convert all the larger old icon sizes to GTK_ICON_SIZE_LARGECaolán McNamara
24 hourstdf#142404 DOCX c15: allow autoTabStop after TabOverSpacingJustin Luth
24 hourssw XHTML / reqif export: handle multiple lists when detecting header-only listsMiklos Vajna
25 hoursgtk4: support image at top in button with vert orientation of child boxCaolán McNamara
25 hoursbutton text should be Yes not yesCaolán McNamara
25 hoursrework paste special a littleCaolán McNamara
25 hoursResolves tdf#142499 - Make fat cross cursor optionalHeiko Tietze
25 hoursdrop height-request that appears on just one of four buttonsCaolán McNamara
25 hoursmake the 4 buttons have the same packing propertiesCaolán McNamara
25 hoursresave with latest gladeCaolán McNamara