AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursreplace GetOptimalSize with Container::get_preferred_sizeHEADmasterCaolán McNamara
5 hoursuse container_focus_changed instead of toplevel_focus_changedCaolán McNamara
6 hoursadd a callback for when a container gains or loses focusCaolán McNamara
6 hoursuse m_xDocListBox to detect we're disposedCaolán McNamara
6 hoursrename SwContentTree FocusHdl to match SwGlobalTree equivalentCaolán McNamara
6 hourssw: document the difference between SwDrawVirtObj and SwVirtFlyDrawObjMiklos Vajna
7 hoursloplugin:unreffun (macOS)Stephan Bergmann
7 hourstdf#93441: Revert "Fix fdo#38884 Improve Up/Down movement in writer"Xisco Fauli
8 hoursAvoid float-cast-overflowStephan Bergmann
8 hoursdrop SetUpdateMode on entering global modeCaolán McNamara
8 hoursmove MouseButtonDown logic to LayoutValueSet childCaolán McNamara
9 hoursmove valueset resize into LayoutValueSet classCaolán McNamara
9 hourswith widget layout we don't need to explicitly track the parent resizeCaolán McNamara
9 hoursdrop unneeded DEBUG SetTextCaolán McNamara
10 hoursmove handler for ESC to close slideshow from navigator down to contentsCaolán McNamara
10 hoursparent panel doesn't need an explicit KeyInput handlerCaolán McNamara
11 hoursupdateMotionPathTags is already called from the ctorCaolán McNamara
11 hoursinclude the id of the duplicate in the warning about itCaolán McNamara
11 hoursmove properties from container vcl::Window to window-filling childCaolán McNamara
11 hoursdon't use the vcl::Window parent to derive a treeview sizeCaolán McNamara
11 hoursdon't use the vcl::Window parent to derive a treeview sizeCaolán McNamara
12 hoursdon't use the vcl::Window parent to derive a treeview sizeCaolán McNamara
12 hoursdon't use the vcl::Window parent to derive a treeview sizeCaolán McNamara
12 hoursuse valueset as the menu parentCaolán McNamara
13 hourstdf#138122 Detect window scaling for multi display configurations on macOSThorsten Wagner
13 hoursuse valueset as the menu parentCaolán McNamara
14 hoursjsdialog: update on treeview item removeSzymon Kłos
15 hoursemplace_back: use perfect forwarding if possibleThorsten Behrens
15 hourstdf#115879: sc_logical_functions: Add function testXisco Fauli
16 hoursloplugin:refcounting (--enable-evolution2)Stephan Bergmann
17 hoursScriptForge - (scriptforge.py) Python-Basic machineryJean-Pierre Ledure
18 hoursCppunitTest_xmlsecurity_signing: run all tests in the disable-pdfium caseMiklos Vajna
18 hourstdf#139734 Remove redundant asserts after functions loadFromDesktop and loadMoaz
19 hoursloplugin:refcounting return objects properlyNoel
29 hours-Werror,-Wunused-private-fieldStephan Bergmann
30 hoursSidebarPanelBase is always created with a PanelLayoutCaolán McNamara
30 hoursinherit NavigatorWrapper directly from SdNavigatorWinCaolán McNamara
30 hoursdrop newly unused PanelBaseCaolán McNamara
30 hoursremove intermediate TableDesignPanelCaolán McNamara
30 hoursremove intermediate CustomAnimationPanelCaolán McNamara
30 hoursmake both 'empty' widget and its treeview replacement the same sizeCaolán McNamara
30 hoursallow slide transition panel to be narrowerCaolán McNamara
30 hoursremove intermediate SlideTransitionPanelCaolán McNamara
30 hoursuse a single context menu handler at the valueset levelCaolán McNamara
30 hoursallow focus into master page panelCaolán McNamara
30 hoursofz#31672 Bad-castCaolán McNamara
31 hoursactually restore the original HFONTLuboš Luňák
31 hoursUpdate git submodulesOlivier Hallot
33 hoursAlso check number of invocations in the testMike Kaganski
33 hourstdf#139940 oox: mark end before growing largest segment backwardsJustin Luth