AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysRelated tdf#139804 Allow activating btn on first clickdistro/cib/libreoffice-6-1Samuel Mehrbrodt
13 daystdf#141703 Restore tab function in sd tablesSamuel Mehrbrodt
13 dayscid#1474166 Deference null return valueCaolán McNamara
2021-04-15tdf#40534 correctly match page with memory slabJan-Marek Glogowski
2021-04-13Fixup xmlsecurity testThorsten Behrens
2021-04-13xmlsec: fix signing documents on WNTcib-6.1-25Michael Stahl
2021-04-06Add mechanism to selectively enable macros for document eventsSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-04-06Revert "Revert "Improve macro checks""Samuel Mehrbrodt
2021-04-06Bump version to Behrens
2021-03-31xmlsecurity: replace OOXMLSecParser implementationMichael Stahl
2021-03-31xmlsecurity nss: fix OOXML signing with ECDSA keyMiklos Vajna
2021-03-29Also fix the generated test certs + generator script to avoid expiredMiklos Vajna
2021-03-29xmlsecurity: improve handling of multiple X509Data elementsMichael Stahl
2021-03-29libxmlsec: drop not needed xmlsec1-customkeymanage.patch.1Miklos Vajna
2021-03-29Fix commentsSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-03-29clang-format ooxmlsecexporter.cxxMichael Stahl
2021-03-29xmlsecurity: ignore elements in ds:Object that aren't signedMichael Stahl
2021-03-29xmlsecurity: XSecParser confused about multiple timestampsMichael Stahl
2021-03-29xmlsecurity: replace XSecParser implementationMichael Stahl
2021-03-29expand out some namespace aliases [xmlsecurity/source/helper]Noel Grandin
2021-03-29css::security::DocumentSignatureInformation::SignatureTime is 32 bitStephan Bergmann
2021-03-29tdf#123747 xmlsecurity, ODF sign roundtrip: preserve invalid reference typeMiklos Vajna
2021-03-29tdf#119309 xmlsecurity xades: missing XML attribute on idSignedProperties refMiklos Vajna
2021-03-29default to CertificateValidity::INVALIDCaolán McNamara
2021-03-29do same set error state as ReadAndVerifySignature doesCaolán McNamara
2021-03-29Improve checkExtensionStephan Bergmann
2021-03-29tdf#130216: normalize paths with .. segmentsMike Kaganski
2021-03-29tdf#127941: Don't be _that_ eager to assert(!IsTextEdit());Jan Holesovsky
2021-03-29call System.runFinalizersOnExit by reflection, since it was removed in jdk11Fridrich Štrba
2021-03-23gbuild: don't use -Wunused-macros with sccacheMichael Stahl
2021-03-23gbuild: avoid -Wunused-macros with clang and icecream+ccacheMichael Stahl
2021-03-23gbuild: avoid -Wunused-macros with clang and icecreamMichael Stahl
2021-03-16tdf#139804 Focus form controls inside document with Alt-<Mnemonic>Samuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-26Possible race between retrieving and using parent windowSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-17python3: add patch for CVE-2021-3177Michael Stahl
2021-02-04Bump version to Behrens
2021-02-04Revert "Improve macro checks"Thorsten Behrens
2021-02-04postgresql: try to cargo-cult MSBuild argumentsMichael Stahl
2021-02-04Revert "postgresql: try to cargo-cult MSBuild arguments"Michael Stahl
2021-02-03Allow opt-out from document events checkSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-03postgresql: try to cargo-cult MSBuild argumentsMichael Stahl
2021-02-03We don't support building with Windows SDK 7.1AMike Kaganski
2021-01-29Bump version to Behrens
2021-01-29Improve macro checksSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-01-25sw: WW8 import: filter control characters in GetFieldResult()Michael Stahl
2021-01-25ofz#18526 sw: WW8 import: don't insert control charactersMichael Stahl
2021-01-25sw: WW8 import: instead of control character insert '?' for footnoteMichael Stahl
2021-01-25writerfilter: rtftok: filter control charactersMichael Stahl
2021-01-25sw: UNO API: do not allow inserting control characters into nodesMichael Stahl
2021-01-25svl: HTMLParser: stop inserting control character garbage into WriterMichael Stahl