AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 dayssw: check for null SdrObject before accessingdistro/cib/libreoffice-6-4Ashod Nakashian
6 daysvcl: avoid accessing null member on unloading viewsAshod Nakashian
6 daysvcl: don't use null window in FloatingWindow HitTestAshod Nakashian
6 daysAvoid crash on closing docking windowSzymon Kłos
6 dayssw style copy: fix crash when handling a conditional paragraphy styleMiklos Vajna
6 daystdf#57351 sc UI: fix disabled Insert Columns optionsTünde Tóth
6 daysvcl: avoid native widget pieces for disposed BorderWindow.Michael Meeks
6 daysCheck mpWindowImpl before use in Window::EndTrackingSzymon Kłos
6 daysCrash around help-windows.Michael Meeks
6 dayssw: fix crash in SwFEShell::SelectObj()Miklos Vajna
6 daystdf#138762: crash when trying to open sidebar w chart in WriterAron Budea
6 daystdf#148235 Restore toolbar item to switch XForm to design modeMichael Weghorn
6 daystdf#138901 Refresh button tooltip in sidebar created by extensionIlhan Yesil
6 daysRelated tdf#139782 sc: Make sure column exists before accessing itMichael Weghorn
6 daystdf#139782 sc: Don't try to access unallocated columnMichael Weghorn
6 daysWIN add bootstrap var to re-enable foreground hackJan-Marek Glogowski
11 daystdf#144952 VCL fix the Printer graphics releasecib-6.4-8Jan-Marek Glogowski
11 daystdf#144754 WIN de-assert ReleaseFonts / setFontJan-Marek Glogowski
11 daysWIN lazy init WinSalInfoPrinter graphicsJan-Marek Glogowski
11 daysWIN always (de-)init WinSalGraphicsJan-Marek Glogowski
11 daysFix autoconf>=2.70 gcc-wrapper breakageThorsten Behrens
13 daysRemove accelerator when control diesSamuel Mehrbrodt
13 dayscurl: upgrade to release 7.83.1Michael Stahl
13 daysupgrade curl to 7.79.1Caolán McNamara
2022-05-12framework: allow loading a component on the main thread, using XDesktopMiklos Vajna
2022-05-11Update git submodulesSamuel Mehrbrodt
2022-05-10Bump version to Stahl
2022-05-10sw: disable forcepoint93-2.rtf, it loops in layoutMichael Stahl
2022-05-10sfx2: add config warning in UndoManager complex testMichael Stahl
2022-05-09ucb: webdav-curl: if LOCK fails, display error messageMichael Stahl
2022-05-09ucb: webdav-curl: fix handling of non-standard propertiesMichael Stahl
2022-05-09tdf#148426 ucb: webdav-curl: fall-back to GET if OPTIONS status 500Michael Stahl
2022-05-09ofz#46905 Null-dereferenceCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09ofz#47042 previous use of static variable affecting later runsCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09ofz#46526 AbrtCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09add Initialization Vectors to password storageCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09add infobar to prompt to refresh to replace old formatCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09make hash encoding match decodingCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#104 sw: do not delete fieldmark chars in MoveNodeRange()Michael Stahl
2022-05-09forcepoint#102 refetch pPara if it might have been destroyedCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#98 don't delete SwFrame flagged as IsDeleteForbiddenCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#91 fix crash on layout of specific htmlCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#99 SwTextFormatter unaware that FirstOfBorderMerge was deletedCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#93 fix crash on layout of specific rtfCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#90 fix crash on layout of specific rtfCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#94 fix crash on layout of specific htmlCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#92 fix crash on layout of specific docCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#89 don't remove page with footnote continuation frameCaolán McNamara
2022-05-09forcepoint#96 sw: delete fieldmarks in DelFullPara()Michael Stahl
2022-05-09sw: prevent footnote frame against delete while it's movedMichael Stahl