AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 hourspdfium build fix with Android NDK 19distro/collabora/co-2021Andras Timar
18 hours[cp] fix UREPACKAGEVERSIONAndras Timar
19 hours[cp] Update Windows build configsAndras Timar
21 hours[cp] sysui: fix buildAndras Timar
21 hourstdf#139500 svx: fix crash on changing table properties during active text editMiklos Vajna
23 hoursInvalidate inputbar after size changed messageSzymon Kłos
38 hoursLOK: calc: allow image selection on insertionPranam Lashkari
47 hours[cp] new versioning scheme: 21.05.x.yAndras Timar
2 days[cp] do not include version number to package nameAndras Timar
3 days[cp] fix vendor name in package info and desktop filesAndras Timar
3 days[cp] fix permissionAndras Timar
3 daysliborcus: newline problem with GCC 11 -E -fdirectives-onlyMichael Stahl
3 dayssw: speed up DoIdleJobs(WORD_COUNT)Michael Stahl
3 daystdf#141761 Enhance PrintDialog Preview for FormControlsArmin Le Grand (Allotropia)
3 dayssw: layout: let nested table move forwardMichael Stahl
5 dayslok: remove popup auto correct itemHenry Castro
5 daystdf#139906 Add an option to change data source from mail merge wizard dialog.Gülşah Köse
5 dayslok: mark strings static after pre-init, not after the fork.Michael Meeks
5 daystdf#137945: sc: Add UItestXisco Fauli
5 daysvcl: print dialog: remove broken codeXisco Fauli
5 daystdf#141854 Resize called during disposeCaolán McNamara
5 daysapparmor: Fix "oopslash" typoRico Tzschichholz
5 daystdf#141970 Revert "tdf#129606: Round the mean of the two subtractions"Mike Kaganski
5 daysRelated: tdf#130326 skip calling Refresh if its already just calledCaolán McNamara
5 daysRelated: tdf#130326 drop ScContentTree::ObjectFreshCaolán McNamara
5 daystdf#135997: make sure that the two lists are same lengthMike Kaganski
5 daystdf#116384 only drag hyperlink if user's not currently setting the selectionCaolán McNamara
5 daystdf#135997: fix toolbar controlMike Kaganski
5 daysResolves tdf#127782 - Print dialog heightHeiko Tietze
5 daysupdate creditsChristian Lohmaier
5 daystdf#137470 use a more proper URL for the extensionsChristian Lohmaier
5 daysUpdate git submodulesChristian Lohmaier
6 daysallow utf-8 in xml names (liborcus) (tdf#141672)Luboš Luňák
6 daysserf should use bundled openssl headers, not system openssl headersAndras Timar
7 daysLet's call it "traceeventrecording" and not "profilezonerecording"Tor Lillqvist
7 daysjsdialog: dump toolbox item's window if presentSzymon Kłos
7 dayscid#1477405 Initialize membersTor Lillqvist
7 daysAdd SAL_WARN in case ProfileZones are overlapping and not hierarchicalTor Lillqvist
7 daysMake the nested AsyncEvent work more reliablyTor Lillqvist
7 daysAdd AsyncEvent::finish() to end a nested AsyncEvent before its parent endsTor Lillqvist
7 daysFix syntax error in generated JSONTor Lillqvist
7 daysIntroduce Async trace events and a unit testTor Lillqvist
7 daysIntroduce a new class NamedEvent to be used by the upcoming AsyncEvent, tooTor Lillqvist
7 daysEnable turning on trace event recording in a dbgutil build with an env varTor Lillqvist
7 daysRe-think what the nesting means in ProfileZonesTor Lillqvist
7 daysMake the console logging in ProfileZone work more sanelyTor Lillqvist
7 daysMove some static functions from ProfileZone to TraceEvent where they belongTor Lillqvist
7 daysMake ProfileZone non-copyableTor Lillqvist
7 daysExtend the trace event API with instant eventsTor Lillqvist
7 daystdf#138604 sw textbox copy: fix missing fly frames of as-char draw frameMiklos Vajna