AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysfilter: svg: js engine: misplaced text: improving text field handlingdistro/collabora/cp-6.2Marco Cecchetti
11 daysfilter: svg: unit test for placeholder localeMarco Cecchetti
11 daysfilter: svg: export: renaming class attributes related to TextShapeMarco Cecchetti
11 daysfilter: svg: text field: placeholder localization issueMarco Cecchetti
11 daysfilter: svg: export tiled background by exploiting svg:pattern elementMarco Cecchetti
11 daysfilter: svg: js engine: unit test: slide background: exporting bitmapsMarco Cecchetti
12 daysAvoid crash in online on a document with commentsAron Budea
12 days[cp-6.2 only] Fix SfxViewShell::SetLOKLanguageTag, as in cp-6.4 and higherAndras Timar
13 daysfix variable name in SAL_INFOAndras Timar
2021-02-15tdf#123476 filter: Also handle empty ODFcp-6.2-29Mike Kaganski
2021-02-11lok: Send rows heights invalidation on pasteDennis Francis
2021-02-11prevent reference range resetting on panning in mobilePranam Lashkari
2021-02-11LOK: stop range selection with mouse/touch move in mobilePranam Lashkari
2021-02-11try to use a different timestamp serviceco-6.2-29Andras Timar
2021-02-10Bump version to 6.2-29Andras Timar
2021-02-10Fix chart label import, use the locale as MS Office doesAndras Timar
2021-02-10Improve macro checksSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-08tdf#133858 reduce the double-ref range to data contentDennis Francis
2021-02-05filter: svg: js engine: support for bitmaps in slide backgroundMarco Cecchetti
2021-02-05lok: send paragraph spacing stateSzymon Kłos
2021-02-05on SelMouseButtonDown check if window pointer is not nullPranam Lashkari
2021-02-05Right clicking in text should move the cursorSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-05Select hyperlink before editing in sdSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-05avoid automatical text selection in impress text boxPranam Lashkari
2021-02-05Related tdf#98575 Allow editing link even when URL field is not selectedSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-02-04vcl: fix UB in Window::ImplGetFirstOverlapWindow()Miklos Vajna
2021-02-03enable hyperlink to be detected at the end of textPranam Lashkari
2021-01-29tdf#139965: Broken master slide list after switching mode.Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-26Revert "LOK: allow slide switching in mobile even if it is same slide"Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-25tdf#139830: keep the right context for chart after view switch (writer).Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-25tdf#139830: keep the right context for chart after view switch (impress).Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-25tdf#139830: keep the right sidebar context for chart after view switch (calc).Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-25fixed range text not being updated on dragging reference markerPranam Lashkari
2021-01-24filter: svg: js engine: text fields support: unit testMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-24filter: svg: js engine: further improving text fields handlingMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-22Added uno command for formula range selectionPranam Lashkari
2021-01-21lok: don't turn off online spelling by view change.Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-20tdf#139566: Fix select all (table + text) when document window looses focus.Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-20lok: send uno command state update to the right view.Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-20lok: send sidebar dialog update to the right view.Tamás Zolnai
2021-01-20Do not skip cursor invalidation if hyperlink in payloadPranam Lashkari
2021-01-19filter: svg: js engine: improving text fields handlingMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-19filter: svg: when date/time field is edited directly in mp, is not shownMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-19filter: svg: slide custom background unit testMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-19filter: svg: slide with a custom background are not exported correctlyMarco Cecchetti
2021-01-14Bump version to 6.2-28cp-6.2-28Andras Timar
2021-01-13sw edit win: fix read-only selections while handling ExtTextInputMiklos Vajna
2021-01-11lok: send linespacing updatesSzymon Kłos
2021-01-11lok: send chart line width updatesSzymon Kłos
2021-01-11lok: Apply chart line widthSzymon Kłos