AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursBump package version to 6.4-27distro/collabora/cp-6.4Andras Timar
2 dayslok: mark calc document as modified when adjusting split-panes (2)Andras Timar
3 dayslok: mark calc document as modified when adjusting split-panes.Michael Meeks
3 daystdf#132368 svx: empty the interop grab-bag on ending text editMiklos Vajna
3 daysInit Notebookbar for Online Drawmert
3 daystdf#134210 Better testing for cropping bitmap of custom shape.Gülşah Köse
3 daystdf#137406 removed Apply to Master button in Slide Master modeGokce Kuler
3 dayssw: fix incorrect loop condition in SwTransferable::isComplex()Miklos Vajna
4 daysBump package version to 6.4-26Andras Timar
5 daysavoid LOK text selection update when reference cell is in different tabPranam Lashkari
5 daysFix chart sub element rectangle and handle positionsmert
5 daysshow reference range specific to only selected calc sheetPranam Lashkari
5 daysFix non-valid json generation on NotifyOtherViewsmert
5 daysImplemented MoveShapeHandle uno command for scmert
5 daysConvert MapModeUnits If necessary.mert
5 daysImplemented MoveShapeHandle uno command for swmert
5 daysFix connectors cannot select a glue pointmert
5 daysExclude table selection from handle messagemert
5 daysLOK: disable rotation mode on selection of shapemert
5 daysAdded .uno:MoveShapeHandle uno commandmert
5 daysImplemented MoveShapeHandle methodmert
5 daysSend handle information of selected shapes to LOKmert
5 daysBump version to 6.4-25cp-6.4-25Andras Timar
5 daystools: json: fix missing escaped charsHenry Castro
6 dayslok: fix treeview action "select"Henry Castro
6 daysjsdialog: fix missing update for "treeview" action "select"Henry Castro
6 dayssw lok: simplify SwTransferable::isComplex()Miklos Vajna
7 dayslok: add batch mode option to load the documentHenry Castro
7 daysBump version to 6.4-24cp-6.4-24Andras Timar
7 daysfilter: svg: js engine: misplaced text: improving text field handlingMarco Cecchetti
7 daysfilter: svg: export: renaming class attributes related to TextShapeMarco Cecchetti
7 daysfilter: svg: unit test for placeholder localeMarco Cecchetti
8 daysfix variable name in SAL_INFOAndras Timar
10 daysonline: fixed freeze pane not writing correct data on file savePranam Lashkari
11 daystry to use a different timestamp serviceAndras Timar
11 daysBetter fix for tdf#125824: switch page only for the current view.Tamás Zolnai
12 daysfilter: svg: text field: placeholder localization issueMarco Cecchetti
12 daysOn aarch64 platform deb package platform string should be arm64 actuallyAndras Timar
12 daystdf#139511 Correct calculation of minimum row height during resize.Gülşah Köse
12 daystdf#134210 Handle greyscale effect on bitmap filled custom shapes.Gülşah Köse
12 daystdf#134210 Import crop position of bitmap filled shape.Gülşah Köse
12 daysAvoid crash in online on a document with commentsAron Budea
13 daysUpdate git submodulesAndras Timar
14 dayssvx: fix import of multiple paragraphs into title shapesMiklos Vajna
2021-02-12tdf#130629 Don't add object insert undo twiceJim Raykowski
2021-02-11tdf#134210 Apply mirror property to custom cropped graphic.Gülşah Köse
2021-02-11Don't shrink row height when deleting cell contents interactively eitherTor Lillqvist
2021-02-11Revert "on SelMouseButtonDown check if window pointer is not null"Caolán McNamara
2021-02-10LOK: form field button: split SendLOKMessage() method.Tamás Zolnai
2021-02-10lok: rework form field button message handling.Tamás Zolnai