AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-16tdf#95615 android: Don't offer "Save" after opening templatedistro/lhm/libreoffice-7-1+backportsMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Show file picker for new docs on "Save As"Michael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Drop unused 'FileUtilities#doAccept'Michael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Allow printing and PDF export regardless of modeMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Merge 2 'LOKitTileProvider#printDocument' methodsMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Ask where to save PDF file on exportMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Add a "Save As..." menu entryMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Extract copying Uri to stream in thread to separate methodMichael Weghorn
2021-04-16android: Don't store whether spreadsheet in LibreOfficeMainActivityMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Drop some unused Turkish translationsMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Drop 'LibreOfficeMainActivity#onSaveInstanceState'Michael Weghorn
2021-04-12tdf#95517 android: Rework app/doc lifecycle handlingMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Always create a temporary local copy of the docMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Turn 3 "internal" docs into raw resourcesMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Drop fallback of opening default docMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Extract method to copy streamMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Add member for document URIMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Check result for CREATE_NEW_DOCUMENT IntentMichael Weghorn
2021-04-12android: Request PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE againMichael Weghorn
2021-04-07tdf#141531 liblo-native-code: Add ODatabaseContext_get_implementationMichael Weghorn
2021-04-07tdf#141338 android: Make "Select file to open" view smallerMichael Weghorn
2021-04-07android: Move "Recent files" below system file picker viewMichael Weghorn
2021-04-07android: Drop custom file abstraction + UIMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Actually show recently used in "Recent files" listMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Show files opened using system picker for recently usedMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Drop check for SDK version < 16Michael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Move code to get doc's display name from URI to static helperMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Extract opening of file to separate method 'openDocument'Michael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Don't mark doc changed on keypress in readonly modeMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Drop some unused importsMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Don't require that user presses 'Back' twice to exitMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Use system file picker to create new docsMichael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Only update file path for "real Save As"Michael Weghorn
2021-04-01android: Drop unused 'newDocumentType' memberMichael Weghorn
2021-03-31tdf#139350 android: Fix handling of new docsMichael Weghorn
2021-03-31tdf#139350 android: Add param to allow a "real" "Save As"Michael Weghorn
2021-03-31android: TileKitProvider: Optionally detect file type from documentMichael Weghorn
2021-03-23Related tdf#129833 android: Drop android.permission.INTERNETMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22tdf#141111 android: Don't crash trying to edit read-only sectionMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22tdf#129833 android: Move reading file to separate threadMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22tdf#129833 android: Allow opening files using system file pickerMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22tdf#129833 android: Allow editing writable docs passed by IntentMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22Drop external owncloud-android-libMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22tdf#129833 android: Drop non-working ownCloud/nextCloud supportMichael Weghorn
2021-03-22android: Update obj path in READMEMichael Weghorn
2021-03-19android: Don't allow editing for read-only docsMichael Weghorn
2021-03-19android: Don't show message for readonly files in non-experimental modeMichael Weghorn
2021-03-18tdf#125318 android: Allow copying with editing disabledMichael Weghorn
2021-03-18android: Show original instead of temp file nameMichael Weghorn
2021-03-16tdf#141052 android: Include 'tabviewbar.ui'Michael Weghorn