AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-10First cut at export of comments extended data to docx.feature/docx-commentsexMichael Meeks
2021-04-10First cut at extended document comment / Resolve state reading.Michael Meeks
2021-04-10lok: mark strings static after pre-init, not after the fork.Michael Meeks
2021-04-09tdf#139786 partial revert tdf#106181 XLSX export: output form controlsJustin Luth
2021-04-09fix small cairo leak in gen backendNoel Grandin
2021-04-09tdf#47349 sc ui: bPosVisible only for fully visibleJustin Luth
2021-04-09tdf#135144 xmloff textbox: fix export style name to be consitent with importMiklos Vajna
2021-04-09tdf#139906 Prevent to use the Mail Merge wizard without data source.Gülşah Köse
2021-04-09lok: Pass object ord num in the uno commandmerttumer
2021-04-09Improve dumpGluePointsAsJSONmerttumer
2021-04-09Get Glue Points in the selection callbackmerttumer
2021-04-09lok: Don't invalidate GluePointsmerttumer
2021-04-09Hide GluePoints in LOKmerttumer
2021-04-08Bump version to 6.4-34cp-6.4-34Andras Timar
2021-04-08tdf#139906 Show warning message when data source is not avaible.Gülşah Köse
2021-04-05lok: draw bgcolor lines for covering client grid...Dennis Francis
2021-04-04external/libwpd: Missing include for size_tStephan Bergmann
2021-04-04external/liborcus: Missing includesStephan Bergmann
2021-04-03exteranl/coinmp: Fix build with recent GCC 11 trunkStephan Bergmann
2021-04-03external/coinmp: C++17 no longer supports "register"Stephan Bergmann
2021-03-31Bump version to 6.4-33cp-6.4-33co-6.4-33Andras Timar
2021-03-31vcl: allow for overriding the default PDF rendering resolutionAshod Nakashian
2021-03-31LOK: getPartInfo now returns master page countPranam Lashkari
2021-03-31Avoid infinite loop in AddPixelsWhile when removing SheetSzymon Kłos
2021-03-31lok: fix nullptr de-referenceHenry Castro
2021-03-30Don't end text editing in other views if shape insertedSzymon Kłos
2021-03-30online: update calc inputbar position on changeSzymon Kłos
2021-03-30external/liblangtag: Avoid null pointer deref in lt_warning callStephan Bergmann
2021-03-29impress: don't exit textbox editing when new slide was addedSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29SVGFilter::implGenerateMetaData check page before useSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29SfxInPlaceClient: avoid crash when chart deleted by other viewSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29ImplNewInputContext: check pointer before useSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29lok: Send gridOffset of the shapemerttumer
2021-03-29LOK: Fix Moving drag handles calculates wrong offsetmerttumer
2021-03-29impress: avoid crash when user edits text and other deletes slideSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29impress: delete correct page when has multiple usersSzymon Kłos
2021-03-29Bump version to 6.4-32cp-6.4-32Andras Timar
2021-03-26Revert "lok: switch to the correct view before any UI update is doneTamás Zolnai
2021-03-25tdf#140714 Import graphics cropped into custom geometry as custom shapes.Gülşah Köse
2021-03-25lok: Disable the "AutoInput" again.Jan Holesovsky
2021-03-25Fix editing mistake for iOS buildTor Lillqvist
2021-03-25Include the pdfimport library constructor in the mobile apps if enabledTor Lillqvist
2021-03-25tdf#124173: Enable thesauruses in the iOS appTor Lillqvist
2021-03-24tdf#141217: Improve plain text pasting on iOSTor Lillqvist
2021-03-24Fix Line and Connectors enable interactive drawingmerttumer
2021-03-24online: send selection coordinates with inplace modeSzymon Kłos
2021-03-24online: Don't send chart selection to all viewsSzymon Kłos
2021-03-23Notebookbar: skip early init in all appsPranam Lashkari
2021-03-22tdf#135014 sw_redlinehide: fix missing frames when removing fieldmarkMichael Stahl
2021-03-22tdf#136704 sw autofmt: prevent crash if no nextNodeJustin Luth