AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-19drawinglayer: move TextLayouter to processor2dfeature/drawinglayercoreTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18make BasePrimitive2D easier extensible with VisitingParametersTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18Revert "hack for gradients split into adjacent polygons (tdf#133016)"Tomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18vcl: add a Bitmap interface to basegfx, BitmapEx implementing itTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18add o3tl version of hash_combine to not depend on boost for thisTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18GraphicAttributes: put const. and op. '=' into the header fileTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18drawinglayer: externalize PolygonWavePrimitive2D classTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18drawinglayer: externalize PointArrayPrimitive2D classTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18drawinglayer: externalize classes in texture.hxxTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18drawinglayer: externalize FillHatchPrimitive2D classTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18Add OutputDevice::drawPrimitive2D to OutputDeviceTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18Separate core drawinglayer func. into drawinglayercore libraryTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18vcl: move def. of peekGraphicFormat into GraphicFormatDetectorTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18vcl: condense the description and rename the peek format functionTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18vcl: clean-up code used for loading of external graphic filtersTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-18Move GIF writer from filter module into VCLTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-17tdf#105301: sc: Add UItestXisco Fauli
2021-02-17move statusbar into DBTreeListBox containerCaolán McNamara
2021-02-17tdf#130629: sw: Move UItest to CppUnitTestXisco Fauli
2021-02-17tdf#140058 "Bullets and Numbering" -> "List" in Text context menuSeth Chaiklin
2021-02-17Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier
2021-02-17tdf#115965 tdf#92622 NoList default in menu,tool,sidebarAnshu
2021-02-17tdf#106612: sd: Add UItestXisco Fauli
2021-02-17tdf#130677 Write new tests for literalsshubham656
2021-02-17CppunitTest_sc_shapetest needs some more RTTI in UBSan builds nowStephan Bergmann
2021-02-17More targeted suppression of bogus GCC -Werror=stringop-overflow=Stephan Bergmann
2021-02-17Update git submodulesAlain Romedenne
2021-02-17Update git submodulesRafael Lima
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in desktopNoel
2021-02-17Update git submodulesAlain Romedenne
2021-02-17tdf#42982 updated RunTimeException with 2nd argument(pointer)vipbuoy
2021-02-17tdf#36466 calc UI: add option to Select Visible Cells OnlyTünde Tóth
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in xmloffNoel
2021-02-17sw: document SwTOXAuthorityMiklos Vajna
2021-02-17tdf#39593: reduce copy/paste in Converter::convertDurationBayram Çiçek
2021-02-17ofz#31021 Stack-buffer-overflowCaolán McNamara
2021-02-17tdf#128213 Add unit test for text camera z rotation.Gülşah Köse
2021-02-17tdf#82616: sd: Add UItestXisco Fauli
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in connectivityNoel
2021-02-17Move DXF reader from filter module into VCLTomaž Vajngerl
2021-02-17tdf#127471 correct EMF/WMF im/export for scaled fontArmin Le Grand (Allotropia)
2021-02-17Avoid crash in online on a document with commentsAron Budea
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in configmgrNoel
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in cppuhelperNoel
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in cuiNoel
2021-02-17pdfium: eliminate FPDF_SIGNATURE from public headerMiklos Vajna
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in chart2Noel
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in canvasNoel
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in comphelperNoel
2021-02-17loplugin:referencecasting in test..toolkitNoel