AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-28Hack lokit API to be useable from JSfeature/wasmTheRock Builder
2022-04-28Add more functions to export for LOWATheRock Builder
2022-04-28Revert "Hack / temp"TheRock Builder
2022-04-28Hack / tempTheRock Builder
2022-04-28More fixup of gbuildTheRock Builder
2022-04-28Fix logicTheRock Builder
2022-04-28Add LOKit functions and whitelist export for it to WASMTheRock Builder
2022-04-28WASM HACK fix NEH buildJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28fixme static testsJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28Add a larger Writer example documentJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28WIP: async popup menusJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28Refactor PopupMenu::ImplExecute for async supportJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28WASM default to notebookbarThorsten Behrens
2022-04-28gbuild: build static unit testsJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28gbuild: set unorc lookup dir via environmentJan-Marek Glogowski
2022-04-28add a hack to SalLayoutGlyphsImpl::cloneCharRange() for a strange glyphLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28use the same TextLayoutCache for the verifying callLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28don't cut a glyph subset inside a composed glyph #2Luboš Luňák
2022-04-28Update git submodulesSeth Chaiklin
2022-04-28use more string_view in comphelperNoel Grandin
2022-04-28tdf#37864, tdf#147496: sc: Add UItestXisco Fauli
2022-04-28tdf#74331: 16bit "min-is-black" tiff not loaded correctlyJulien Nabet
2022-04-28include LogicalFontInstance font scale in SalLayoutGlyphsCache keyLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28make some LogicalFontInstance functions constLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28sw content controls, checkbox: add DOCX exportMiklos Vajna
2022-04-28tdf#100680 sw DOCX compatibility: fix wrap of as_char flysAttila Bakos (NISZ)
2022-04-28use more string_view in i18nlangtagNoel Grandin
2022-04-28use more string_view in unodevtoolsNoel Grandin
2022-04-28make SalLayoutGlyphsImpl::cloneCharRange() work for RTL runs tooLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28use more string_view in idlcNoel Grandin
2022-04-28tdf#144788 Split up footnotes and endnotes in NavigatorDhiraj Holden
2022-04-28Fix determining ZXING_CFLAGS for --with-system-zxingStephan Bergmann
2022-04-28Update git submodulesAlain Romedenne
2022-04-28sd theme: add PPTX import for shape fill color effectsMiklos Vajna
2022-04-28check kashida only if the flag is setLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28don't cut a glyph subset inside a composed glyphLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28better debug font compare in SalLayoutGlyphsImplLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28reduce Calc's INITIALCOLCOUNT to 1Luboš Luňák
2022-04-28fix horizontal Calc cursor skippingLuboš Luňák
2022-04-28SwNavigator: Improve ordering of hyperlinks in text framesJim Raykowski
2022-04-28SwNavigator: Improve list order for text fields in text framesJim Raykowski
2022-04-27UITest_impress_tests: fix sporadic failuresXisco Fauli
2022-04-27todo note about SalLayoutGlyphsCache possibly reusing different mapmodeLuboš Luňák
2022-04-27make SalLayoutFlags match after makeGlyphsSubset()Luboš Luňák
2022-04-27provide explicit function for hashing vcl::FontLuboš Luňák
2022-04-27tdf#148819: let the scroller know the custom widget's line sizeMike Kaganski
2022-04-27tdf#148665: sd_import_tests-smartart: Add unittestXisco Fauli
2022-04-27tidy low-hanging documents to ensure layout using the fonts from "more_fonts"Caolán McNamara
2022-04-27tidy rtf to use reproducible fontsCaolán McNamara
2022-04-27Fix typosAndrea Gelmini