AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hourstdf#140528 Crash in writer when switching from Numbering to Positionlibreoffice-7-0Noel Grandin
2 daysResolves: rhbz#1931423 start update timer in IM events as well as keyeventsCaolán McNamara
3 daystdf#134940 sw: fix AutoCorrect of arrow "-->"László Németh
3 daystdf#134619 docxexport: don't skip font properties in NumberingLevelJustin Luth
3 daystdf#139070 format entry view of multilines with final formattingCaolán McNamara
4 daystdf#140572 docx export: avoid DocDefault superscript crashJustin Luth
5 daysupdate creditsChristian Lohmaier
5 daysPossible race between retrieving and using parent windowSamuel Mehrbrodt
11 daysbump product version to Lohmaier
12 daysUpdate git submodulesChristian Lohmaier
13 daystdf#139511 Correct calculation of minimum row height during resize.Gülşah Köse
13 daystdf#140207 Qt downscale the ExtTextInputPosJan-Marek Glogowski
13 daysImprove checkExtensionStephan Bergmann
13 daystdf#137406 removed Apply to Master button in Slide Master modeGokce Kuler
2021-02-13tdf#140239 leave current cursor valid if the contents won't changeCaolán McNamara
2021-02-12always optimize bitmap transform to translate+scale if possible (tdf#138068)Luboš Luňák
2021-02-11tdf#140006 don't limit dropdown width to 300pixelsCaolán McNamara
2021-02-10tdf#140079 Claim support for the OleEmbeddedObject::doVerb -9 fallbackCaolán McNamara
2021-02-09default to CertificateValidity::INVALIDCaolán McNamara
2021-02-08tdf#134607 mac-langpacks: always query for full name with extensionChristian Lohmaier
2021-02-08Revert "tdf#134607 workaround – mac langpack: don't verify target location"Xisco Fauli
2021-02-05tdf#140151: revert fix for tdf#46579 which caused regressionJulien Nabet
2021-02-04postgresql: try to cargo-cult MSBuild argumentsMichael Stahl
2021-02-04tdf#140014 calc crash on COUNTIFNoel Grandin
2021-02-03tdf#120348: Avoid data loss when copying chart with error in formulasOuyang Leyan
2021-02-01Resolves: tdf#139239 set correct search columnCaolán McNamara
2021-02-01make crashreports include info about the system (CPU,memory)Luboš Luňák
2021-01-31tdf#139996: do not crash if no slide is selectedXisco Fauli
2021-01-30Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier
2021-01-30Improve macro checksSamuel Mehrbrodt
2021-01-29sw: fix SwTOXMgr::UpdateOrInsertTOX() for user-definedMichael Stahl
2021-01-28drop RadioButton arg defaultsCaolán McNamara
2021-01-28pgsql-sdbc: use libpq's custom free()...Lionel Elie Mamane
2021-01-27tdf#129180 Fix default paper size in the dropdownGabor Kelemen
2021-01-27update creditsChristian Lohmaier
2021-01-27tdf#138590 use the highlighted menu entry, not the combobox active textCaolán McNamara
2021-01-27tdf#138727 help browser didn't flow textCaolán McNamara
2021-01-27tdf#134605 DOCX export: fix unexpected loss of footer marginMiklos Vajna
2021-01-27Fix crash in ProcessEventsToIdle debug codeJan-Marek Glogowski
2021-01-26Resolves: tdf#106484 Print Properties Device tab dropdown change not detectedCaolán McNamara
2021-01-26RadioButton tick in a different place than CheckBox tickCaolán McNamara
2021-01-26tdf#139486 also listen to the Entry to determine if the SpinButton was changedCaolán McNamara
2021-01-26tdf#135550 ListBox should triger an event when changed non-interactivelyCaolán McNamara
2021-01-26tdf#139590 Drag and drop doesn't work in SdrObjEditViewCaolán McNamara
2021-01-25similar to tdf#139774 for a combobox sx10601 is probably a better choiceCaolán McNamara
2021-01-25Related tdf#139782 sc: Make sure column exists before accessing itMichael Weghorn
2021-01-24tdf#139774 fix wrong use List Box icon in Combo Box right click menuRizal Muttaqin
2021-01-23tdf#139782 sc: Don't try to access unallocated columnMichael Weghorn
2021-01-22Fix handling of the OBJECTDESCRIPTOR clipboard (pasteboard) type on macOSTor Lillqvist
2021-01-22Make SotExchange::GetFormat() accept a MIME type with additional parametersTor Lillqvist