AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 hoursvcl: GCC12 says fclose() causes -Werror=use-after-free on any use of FILE*libreoffice-7-3Michael Stahl
9 hourssw: avoid ~SwIndexReg() assert in SwFEShell::PastePages()Michael Stahl
9 hourssw: copy grab bags in mail mergeMichael Stahl
10 hourstdf#149231 Fix crash on print preview of masterJim Raykowski
12 hourssw_redlinehide: fix crash in IsMarkHidden() if pointing to table nodeMichael Stahl
12 hoursstarmath: fix real use-after-free detected by GCC 12Michael Stahl
12 hourssvl: spurious GCC12 -Werror=maybe-uninitializedMichael Stahl
12 hourstdf#149202 Allow for java.version consisting of four dotted segmentsStephan Bergmann
12 hourstdf#149184 DOCX: fix crash removing footer, then saving to docHossein
24 hourstdf#149198 Fix use of nullptrStephan Bergmann
33 hourstdf#149068 reject OpenGL versions that don't support glGenVertexArraysCaolán McNamara
2 daysvcl: avoid EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZEROXisco Fauli
4 daysfollow org.freedesktop.appearance.color-scheme settingCaolán McNamara
4 dayssvx: fix double-free if SvxShape of SwDrawVirtObj is disposedMichael Stahl
4 dayssw_fieldmarkhide: fix wrong handling of SwInsText for fieldmarksMichael Stahl
4 dayssw: fix crash in SwHeaderFooterWin::IsEmptyHeaderFooter()Miklos Vajna
4 daystdf#148923 PPTX import: fix incorrect image in media fileTünde Tóth
5 daysicon-theme not dynamically changing to match desktop if set to 'auto'Caolán McNamara
5 daystdf#148132: Revert "n#758883 dmapper: paragraph-level..."Vasily Melenchuk
6 daysbump product version to Lohmaier
6 daystry to limit cell interpreting to only visible cells when drawingLuboš Luňák
6 dayslimit Interpret() for dirty cells only to the given row range (bsc#1197497)Luboš Luňák
6 daystdf#123877 sc XLSX: don't freeze during saving recoveryLászló Németh
6 daystdf#148455 docx import/export: improvements to lvlOverrideVasily Melenchuk
6 daysUpdate git submodulesChristian Lohmaier
6 daysResolves: tdf#145722 don't propose MOVE from AcceptDrop if not asked for MOVECaolán McNamara
6 daysRelated: tdf#145722 need to clone userdata if we copy a module/dialogCaolán McNamara
6 daysRelated: tdf#148197 gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell needs either path or columnCaolán McNamara
6 daystdf#148461 sw_redlinehide: fix assert in SwContentNode::DelFrames()Michael Stahl
6 dayssw HTML export: avoid pixel height when height is scale and width is relativeMiklos Vajna
6 daystdf#137639 qt: UTF-16-encode mime data for "text/plain;charset=utf-16"Michael Weghorn
7 daysResolves: tdf#149093 connect_value_change if we will query its valueCaolán McNamara
7 daystdf#147220 sw_redlinehide: update frames in ReplaceRangeImpl()Michael Stahl
7 daystdf#148869 sw_redlinehide: fix SwView::ExecSpellPopup()Michael Stahl
7 dayssw: fix assert in SwObjectFormatterTextFrameCaolán McNamara
7 daysframework: fix lock assert in Job::execute()Michael Stahl
7 daystdf#147250 configure: default to --with-system-nss on LinuxMichael Stahl
8 daystdf#148706: map value prop in numericfield to textXisco Fauli
8 daysRelated: tdf#137748 "Update" should have use-underlineCaolán McNamara
8 daystdf#124820 sc: overwrite more character level font attributesJustin Luth
8 daysforcepoint#97 avoid Invalid read of size 2Caolán McNamara
8 daystdf#149079 don't skip disposing DnDListenerCaolán McNamara
8 daystdf#143612: map SecondaryRefValue in form pdf exportXisco Fauli
8 daysrelated: tdf#148442: do not replace 'Yes' if onValue is emptyXisco Fauli
8 daystdf#148442: map RefValue property to onValue in pdfXisco Fauli
8 daystdf#119686: fix tiff with 1 bit per pixelJulien Nabet
8 daysUse interpreter stack to determine JumpMatrix context, tdf#148863 follow-upEike Rathke
8 daysResolves: tdf#148863 In JumpMatrix context use its dimensions for resultsEike Rathke
10 daysunotest: fix NSS initialization for CentOS7 system NSSMichael Stahl
10 dayssvl: fix testSignDocument_PEM_PDF with "dbm:" NSS DBMichael Stahl