path: root/include/vcl/fixed.hxx
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-24drop empty headerCaolán McNamara
2021-02-19move FixedText into toolkit-only headersCaolán McNamara
2021-02-16move FixedImage to toolkit-only headersCaolán McNamara
2020-10-19use tools::Long in vclNoel
2020-08-28move FixedLine into toolkit only headersCaolán McNamara
2020-08-28make FixedLine finalCaolán McNamara
2020-06-23FixedBitmap can be in a toolkit only headerCaolán McNamara
2020-05-22remove Size arg from Window::Draw and depend on GetSizePixelCaolán McNamara
2019-11-05make some classes module-privateNoel Grandin
2019-10-31loplugin:finalclasses in vclNoel Grandin
2018-11-27tdf#42949 Fix IWYU warnings in include/vcl/[f-h]*Gabor Kelemen
2018-11-26remove unused DrawFlags enum valuesNoel Grandin
2018-06-21use more OutputDevice::GetBitmapExNoel Grandin
2018-05-30Bitmap->BitmapEx in FixedBitmapNoel Grandin
2018-04-07Revert "long->sal_Int32 in tools/gen.hxx"Stephan Bergmann
2018-04-03long->sal_Int32 in tools/gen.hxxNoel Grandin
2018-01-24loplugin:unused-returns in vclNoel Grandin
2017-04-28move builder attributes from OString to OUStringCaolán McNamara
2017-04-25loplugin:checkunusedparams in vclNoel Grandin
2017-03-31tdf#82580 tools: rename Rectangle to tools::RectangleMiklos Vajna
2016-10-25no FixedText loaded from .src nowCaolán McNamara
2016-10-24no FixedImage is loaded from .src anymoreCaolán McNamara
2016-10-07loplugin:staticmethods: vclStephan Bergmann
2016-10-05no FixedLines are loaded from resources files anymoreCaolán McNamara
2016-09-15loplugin:countusersofdefaultparams in vclNoel Grandin
2016-09-13loplugin:override: No more need for the "MSVC dtor override" workaroundStephan Bergmann
2016-06-24loplugin:singlevalfields in vcl(part1)Noel Grandin
2016-02-26loplugin:unuseddefaultparms in include/vcl (part2)Noel Grandin
2016-02-09Remove excess newlinesChris Sherlock
2016-02-09Formatting changes across all modulesChris Sherlock
2015-10-12Replace "SAL_OVERRIDE" with "override" in LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY codeStephan Bergmann
2015-07-10loplugin:unusedmethods vcl(part2)Noel Grandin
2015-05-27convert WINDOW_DRAW flags to scoped enumNoel Grandin
2015-05-23use ApplySettings instead of ImplInitSettings is calledTomaž Vajngerl
2015-05-20convert TEXT_DRAW constants to scoped enumNoel Grandin
2015-04-29delegate RenderContext - fixed, group, imgctrlTomaž Vajngerl
2015-04-29mass rewrite Paint(Rect&) to Paint(RenderContext&, Rect&)Tomaž Vajngerl
2015-04-10vclwidget: change all vcl::window fields to be wrapped in VclPtrNoel Grandin
2015-04-09vcl: window destructors calling disposeNoel Grandin
2015-04-09vcl: rename VclReference to VclPtrNoel Grandin
2015-04-09vcl: more rtl::Reference cleanupMichael Meeks
2015-04-09manage VCL widgets using rtl::ReferenceNoel Grandin
2015-03-19loplugin:constantfunction: vclNoel Grandin
2015-01-26followup code removal after changing virtual methods to non-virtualNoel Grandin
2015-01-26new loplugin: change virtual methods to non-virtualNoel Grandin
2014-09-23fdo#82577: Handle WindowNoel Grandin
2014-09-18fdo#82577: Handle FontNoel Grandin
2014-07-22callcatcher: update unused codeCaolán McNamara
2014-07-02callcatcher: rsc loaded fixedbitmap is no moreCaolán McNamara
2014-06-17improve the inlinesimplememberfunctions clang pluginNoel Grandin