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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 hourssw: introduce a .uno:GotoMark commandMiklos Vajna
5 daysSome define-to-OUStringLiteral conversion in swMike Kaganski
7 daystdf#151548 ContentControls: Add Delete()Justin Luth
7 daysloplugin:unusedfields make some fields privateNoel Grandin
7 daystdf#151548 ContentControls: improve GetSelectedListItemJustin Luth
9 daystdf#151548 ContentControls: improve InvalidationJustin Luth
9 daysNew loplugin:crosscastStephan Bergmann
10 daysAdd some more utility methods to SwFormatAnchorNoel Grandin
10 daysResolves: tdf#147203 allow dnd between autotext categoriesCaolán McNamara
10 daysunused ERR_SWG_OLD_GLOSSARY defineCaolán McNamara
10 daysre-order methods a little in SwFormatAnchorNoel Grandin
11 dayssw: add a new .uno:TextFormFields UNO commandMiklos Vajna
11 daystdf#151548 ContentControls: Add Invalidate()Justin Luth
13 daystdf#151548 vba ContentControls: Add word::XContentControlListEntryJustin Luth
13 dayssw lok, .uno:TextFormFields: expose field code of fieldmarksMiklos Vajna
13 daystdf#141438 Clean old comments //FEATURE::CONDCOLLBogdan B
2022-11-24pass SwFormatAnchor to SwFEShell::CalcBoundRectNoel Grandin
2022-11-24return SwNode from SwContact::GetContentAnchorNoel Grandin
2022-11-24add SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorNode methodNoel Grandin
2022-11-24tdf#152165 Improve the 'Read-only Content' dialog messageJim Raykowski
2022-11-22DOCX filter: fix <w:id> creating both grab-bag and content control for <w:sdt>Miklos Vajna
2022-11-22sw: use WeakNodeContainer for m_pPreviousNode in OnlineA11yCheckTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-22sw: rename WeakContentNodeContainer to WeakNodeContainerTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-22sw: change statusbar to use an icon, fix statusbar updatingTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-22tdf#135638 drawinglayer,svx,sw: PDF/UA export: put SdrObjects on anchorMichael Stahl
2022-11-21Drop comphelper::OWeakTypeObject, use cppu::WeakImplHelper<> insteadStephan Bergmann
2022-11-21sw doc model xml dump: show the frame format of as-char imagesMiklos Vajna
2022-11-19tdf#143148 Use pragma once instead of include guardsSiddharth
2022-11-18Fix typoAndrea Gelmini
2022-11-18sw: handle joining and splitting nodes for online a11y checkTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-18sw: run document properties a11y checks on a loaded documentTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-18sw: add a menu option to enable/disable online a11y checkTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-17tdf#151904 Make grammar mistake color configurableRafael Lima
2022-11-17sw: convert ViewOptFlags1 from bitflags to struct of boolsTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-17sw: improve a11y check statusbarTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-17sw: Change online a11y checker again from SwContentNode to SwNodeTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-17sw: initial a11y check - first run when the document is openedTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-17sw: track content node with a11y issues, so the number is correctTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-16Fix typoAndrea Gelmini
2022-11-15tdf#151548 vba FormFields: Add basic word::XDropDown supportJustin Luth
2022-11-15sw: document SwShellCursorMiklos Vajna
2022-11-15sw: Run a11y check for all content nodesTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-15sw: add accessibility check statusbar controlTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-15sw: add online accessibility check implementationTomaž Vajngerl
2022-11-14tdf#151605 Add option to not include hidden text in ASCII filterSamuel Mehrbrodt
2022-11-10tdf#151548 vba FormFields: Add basic word::XFormField supportJustin Luth
2022-11-09a11y: Add check for tabs used for formattingParis Oplopoios
2022-11-09sw content controls: allow no list items in a dropdownMiklos Vajna
2022-11-08sw: introduce an UNO manager for content controlsMiklos Vajna
2022-11-08sw: introduce a manager for content controlsMiklos Vajna