path: root/sw/source/core/inc/frame.hxx
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-21Extend loplugin:redundantcast to some suspicious reinterpret_castStephan Bergmann
2022-04-27forcepoint#93 fix crash on layout of specific rtfCaolán McNamara
2022-02-17sw: one modeline should be enough for EMACSMichael Stahl
2021-08-28speedup dynamic_cast to SwTextFrameNoel Grandin
2021-08-24reduce cost of dynamic casting to SwFlyFrameNoel Grandin
2021-06-29tdf#142698 sw: fix reject of deleted images anchored to-charLászló Németh
2021-04-21Introduce SwFrameInvFlags to replace magic numbers in SwFrame::SwClientNotify()Miklos Vajna
2021-01-02SwFrame: Modify no moreBjoern Michaelsen
2020-11-24tdf#42949 Fix new IWYU warnings in directory swGabor Kelemen
2020-11-23sw: prefix members of SwFrame, SwFrameAreaDefinition, SwLayVout and SwLineRectMiklos Vajna
2020-11-11make tools::Long 64-bit on Windows platformNoel Grandin
2020-11-05retire most of SwModifyBjoern Michaelsen
2020-10-26std::unique_ptr -> std::optionalNoel
2020-10-20use tools::Long in swNoel
2020-09-03-Werror,-Wcompound-token-split-by-spaceStephan Bergmann
2020-05-09compact namespace in swNoel Grandin
2020-03-02sw: layout: fix wrongly positioned table rows in --convert-to pdfMichael Stahl
2020-02-04rename GetCursorOfst -> GetModelPositionForViewPointNoel Grandin
2019-12-11convert PrepareHint to scoped enumNoel Grandin
2019-11-27tdf#108642 remove dynamic_castNoel Grandin
2019-11-15make some classes module-privateNoel Grandin
2019-11-07Looks like UBSan still needs various RTTI for some reasonStephan Bergmann
2019-11-06make some classes module-privateNoel Grandin
2019-08-27Fix old boost build for goodTomáš Chvátal
2019-08-24loplugin:returnconstval in swNoel Grandin
2019-07-21crashtesting: failures on swfootnoteframe_colunlock_heap_use_after_free.sampleCaolán McNamara
2019-04-25ubsan: use after freeCaolán McNamara
2019-04-15tdf#42949 Fix IWYU warnings in include/editeng/[a-e]*Gabor Kelemen
2019-03-19tdf#42949 Fix IWYU warnings in sw/source/core/inc/[a-f]*Gabor Kelemen
2019-02-28use the xmlTextWriterPtr typedef consistentlyNoel Grandin
2019-02-12sw btlr writing mode: implement initial layoutMiklos Vajna
2019-01-03Move FindBodyFrame from SwTextFrame to SwFrameTamás Zolnai
2018-12-10forcepoint#76 avoid deleting footnote that would delete undeletable pageCaolán McNamara
2018-11-16entirity of writer rebuilding when vcl widget headers changeCaolán McNamara
2018-09-13sw: move frame id SwFrame to SwFrameAreaDefinitionMiklos Vajna
2018-09-06clang-tidy performance-unnecessary-value-paramNoel Grandin
2018-07-16return BaseProcessor2D by std::unique_ptrNoel Grandin
2018-06-08sw_redlinehide: add SwFrame::GetBreakItem()/GetPageDescItem()Michael Stahl
2018-06-08sw_redlinehide: make GetRegisteredIn() private in SwFrameMichael Stahl
2018-06-08sw_redlinehide: convert SwDeletionChecker to GetDep()Michael Stahl
2018-04-16tdf#117028 sw: conditionally consider fill of shape for in-textbox auto colorMiklos Vajna
2018-04-07Revert "long->sal_Int32 in tools/gen.hxx"Stephan Bergmann
2018-04-03long->sal_Int32 in tools/gen.hxxNoel Grandin
2018-03-29loplugin:unnecessaryvirtualNoel Grandin
2018-03-27sw: add debug helper to dump topmost SwFrameManfred Blume
2018-03-05bccu#3100: Writer: Change tracking boxes aren't repositioned with editingTamás Zolnai
2018-01-30loplugin:unused-returns in swNoel Grandin
2018-01-04sw: convert SwFrame::mpDrawObjs to unique_ptrMichael Stahl
2017-12-19loplugin:unusedmethodsNoel Grandin
2017-12-07SwFrameBorder: Use enhanced FrameBorders for CharacterArmin Le Grand