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2022-06-09Updated Danish spellcheckerHEADlibreoffice-7-4-branch-pointmasterAndras Timar
2022-06-06Related: tdf#147390 Add oc-FR-lengadoc to oc_FR/dictionaries.xcuEike Rathke
2022-05-17Updated the English dictionaries: GBMarco A.G.Pinto
2022-05-10rdm#3572 update github-repo lockdownChristian Lohmaier
2022-04-18Update Mongolian dictionaryBatmunkh Dorjgotov
2022-02-15There is no EO country, eo-EO is a bad language tagEike Rathke
2022-02-15pt-BR thesaurus: remove idx file from source.Olivier Hallot
2022-02-14Corrections to pt-BR thesaurusRafael Lima
2022-02-14Adding Central Kurdish(ckb) Spell Checker & Dictionaryjwtiyar nariman
2022-02-03resolve committed conflicts in this fileAndras Timar
2022-01-19Fixes to pt-BR thesaurusrafaelhlima
2022-01-03Update French hyphenation rulesOlivier R
2021-12-02More pt-BR thesaurus cleanupOlivier Hallot
2021-12-02Cleanup of pt-BR thesaurus (part)Olivier Hallot
2021-11-24Updated the British dictionary, based on the wordlist of Oxford Professors an...libreoffice-7-3-branch-pointMarco A.G.Pinto
2021-11-12Add "exrtudir" to spell check for pt-BROlivier Hallot
2021-11-05Add pt-BR thesaurus collateral informationOlivier Hallot
2021-11-05Cleanup pt-BR thesaurus (part)Olivier Hallot
2021-11-04Add thesaurus to pt-BROlivier Hallot
2021-10-04Avoid duplicated in packaging's filelistAndras Timar
2021-10-01add translations of pt_BR grammar checker dialogAndras Timar
2021-09-27Belarusian hunspell dictionary updateAleś Bułojčyk
2021-09-26tdf#144730: Replace CONVERT_ADD to CONVERT to fix metric/non metric conversionsJulien Nabet
2021-08-01More refactoring of dict_pt-BR lightproofOlivier Hallot
2021-07-31Fix Flags not at the start of the expression in ru-RUJulien Nabet
2021-07-31Refactor lighproof_pt-BR impl scriptOlivier Hallot
2021-07-31"троеточие" is vernacularMike Kaganski
2021-07-31Add regex checker for pt-BR LightProofOlivier Hallot
2021-07-31Reformat to have 1 expression per lineJulien Nabet
2021-07-31Refactor and fix pt-BR Lightproof rulesOlivier Hallot
2021-07-30tdf#139523: LightProof makes Python complain on FutureWarnings for pt-BRJulien Nabet
2021-07-29Fix typoOlivier Hallot
2021-07-29Portuguese Brasil lightproof: fix "Flags not at the start of the expression"Julien Nabet
2021-07-29Fix typo in "Expressão arcaica"Olivier Hallot
2021-07-28Czech Hunspell: add several word formsStanislav Horacek
2021-07-27Bump pt-BR dict version to 3.2.15Olivier Hallot
2021-07-27Portuguese Brasil lightproof: numsep=>gerund since it concerns gerundismoJulien Nabet
2021-07-27tdf#143559: save the changes in options of Portuguese spellcheckJulien Nabet
2021-07-27tdf#143507: localize Grammar Checking (Portuguese) settings pageJulien Nabet
2021-07-27Related tdf#138369: Remove spurious CR (ctrl-M) in ru_RU.dicJulien Nabet
2021-07-26tdf#143489: Update Galician dictionaries to version 20.08Xisco Fauli
2021-07-01Czech Hunspell: fix declination of some nouns ending with "-ec"Stanislav Horacek
2021-07-01Czech Hunspell: fix several verbs of pattern "tisknout"Stanislav Horacek
2021-07-01Czech Hunspell: fix several nouns and adjectivesStanislav Horacek
2021-06-27Fix Guarani thesaurusAndras Timar
2021-06-27Remove .idx file, they are generated by the buildJulien Nabet
2021-06-27Spanish dictionary: Package missing iconJulien Nabet
2021-06-27Esperanto dictionary: Package extension's descriptionJulien Nabet
2021-06-16Czech Hunspell: fix word "třídička"Stanislav Horacek
2021-06-02Czech Hunspell: remove confusing surnamelibreoffice-7-2-branch-pointStanislav Horacek