AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-14Branch libreoffice-7-2-5libreoffice-7-2-5Christian Lohmaier
2021-11-10tdf#140395 Update font effect screenshot in Help pagelibreoffice-7-2Olivier Hallot
2021-09-15tdf#133851 connect help page to certificate path dialogOlivier Hallot
2021-08-18Update intro video for online Help pagesOlivier Hallot
2021-06-29Fix localization in SF_Form, SF_FormControl and SF_UI help pagesRafael Lima
2021-06-23Add note about Python support availability on some SF servicesRafael Lima
2021-06-23Add precisions to RAWSUBTRACT after 7.2 rel notes.Olivier Hallot
2021-06-21tdf#123803 Add Available/Supported since version to ISO.CEILINGOlivier Hallot
2021-06-21Mute L10n of code statements samplesOlivier Hallot
2021-06-18Mute l10n on some internal field namesOlivier Hallot
2021-06-15Use <emph> instead of <keycode> in sf_introRafael Lima
2021-06-14tdf#136435 Update Outline Folding commmand nameOlivier Hallot
2021-06-14Add SF services to the Help treeRafael Lima
2021-06-14remove duplicate makefile line erroneously introduced with 9fffc3eChristian Lohmaier
2021-06-13Branch libreoffice-7-2Christian Lohmaier
2021-06-12tdf#126507 Add help page for Combine Text in Drawlibreoffice-7-2-branch-pointOlivier Hallot
2021-06-12Fix embed linksOlivier Hallot
2021-06-12Fix typosAndrea Gelmini
2021-06-11Create introductory ScriptForge help pageRafael Lima
2021-06-11sf_form(control) Python supportAlain Romedenne
2021-06-10tdf#130063 Add Help page for revamped B&N dialog for Impress and DrawOlivier Hallot
2021-06-10tdf#112685 Advanced TSCP classification help pageOlivier Hallot
2021-06-10tdf#141474 tdf#124066 Basic keyword arguments explanationsAlain Romedenne
2021-06-10tdf#132906 Update Sampling statistics dialogOlivier Hallot
2021-06-09ThisDatabaseDocument new help pageAlain Romedenne
2021-06-09Refactor some database help filesOlivier Hallot
2021-06-08Python support for SF_Document serviceRafael Lima
2021-06-08Python support for SF_Base serviceRafael Lima
2021-06-08Update SF_Basic service help pageRafael Lima
2021-06-08Remove literals that prevent proper L10NAlain Romedenne
2021-06-07tdf#124066 Help for VBA StrConv functionOlivier Hallot
2021-06-07Add link to half-width / full-width glossary entry to search&replace dialog h...Olivier Hallot
2021-06-07[WIP] tdf#142652 Add glossary entry about half-width ...Ming Hua
2021-06-06Use %PRODUCTNAMEOlivier Hallot
2021-06-06Tiny table formatting fix.Olivier Hallot
2021-06-02Fix some texts, incl. Lionel’s proposal for tdf#132720Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
2021-06-01Mute l10n on embedOlivier Hallot
2021-06-01tdf#132720 Clarify 'whole sheet expport' for calc PDF exportOlivier Hallot
2021-05-31tdf#142531: fix help css for Simplified Chinese display on LinuxKevin Suo
2021-05-31tdf#142417: Improve and add API Names columnKevin Suo
2021-05-31Clarify example in help description of Calc's DOLLAR function.Steve Fanning
2021-05-31Use UI term "Impress" instead of "SIMPRESS"Ming Hua
2021-05-30Fix help description for Calc's TEXTJOIN function.Steve Fanning
2021-05-26Fix SF_UI ShowProgressBar descriptionRafael Lima
2021-05-25Python support in SF_Exception help pageRafael Lima
2021-05-24Python support in SF_Calc help pageRafael Lima
2021-05-24Fix broken link in SF_StringRafael Lima
2021-05-23Add NatNum12 MMM=upper and MMMM=lower examplesEike Rathke
2021-05-22tdf#142389 (final) update autofilter HelpOlivier Hallot
2021-05-21Fix typoAndrea Gelmini